Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why Am I Here?

How to begin this blog? I've typed five or six introductions, all of which I deleted on account of being too glib, too trite, too smug or just too stupid sounding.

How's this: I'm infertile. Some time 5-6 years ago I caught chlamydia, I thought it was a urinary tract infection and the symptoms went away. I don't think I had ever even heard of chlamydia at the time. I then developed symptoms of PID about six months later, went to the doctor, where it was misdiagnosed as stress.

Fast forward to two years ago, when my partner and I started trying for a baby. Nothing, nothing and more nothing for nearly two years, until February 2010, when the stick finally got that second line. Two weeks later I was in hospital having surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy from my left fallopian tube. I have scars on my stomach from the camera, operation site and from where they injected dye to check the state of my tubes.

My tubes are f-ed up by the way. Completely blocked on both sides. Somehow one swimmer got through, but the fertilized egg was too big to get back (or so it was explained to us). We were told by a fertility consultant that IVF was our option. Months of internet research suggests the same. We can't afford IVF.

We got new jobs, we moved half way round the world to make enough money to save up. We also moved to a country were IVF is significantly cheaper than home.

For various reasons, we have decided to wait to start IVF til next year. I am currently very far away from having a child.

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