Monday, 27 December 2010

Begin the beginning...

We have decided to take the first steps in getting IVF started in 2011. I know we can't really 'start' for probably a couple of months yet, but we have made an appointment with a clinic.

Seoul is a really big city, with who knows how many IVF clinics. I have been researching them for the past few months, and in the end chosen one on the following criteria: does it have an international clinic where the doctors speak English? Is the website in English?

If you live in your native country, the choice of clinic might go on criteria such as proximity to your house, success rate, cost, whether or not you can do egg-sharing etc etc. I wish these were things that I can choose on, but when you are a stranger in a strange land, 'Does the doctor speak English?' is a key factor.

But you should learn the language! How arrogant are you to live in a country and not speak the language? Yes, all these things are true, but IVF is a complicated process and the last thing you need is a miscommunication. Last year when I had surgery in a Spanish hospital, it was terrifying not knowing if I had communicated everything properly to the doctors.

Having chosen the clinic, I made the call, and we are booked in for later this week. What surprised me however was that they have booked my husband in for tests before even knowing what the problem is. I guess they assume they're going to do those tests anyway. I'm just so used to stories of the NHS where everything takes forever and they only seem to do tests if they absolutely have to.

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