Monday, 24 January 2011

CD3... blood test day... I didn't go.

I have a tendency to take on too much at once. For example, in the month leading up to my wedding I decided it was the time to take driving lessons. I went to the doctor's to talk about treatment because of was tired of not having any kind of action towards having a baby. I did it in the full knowledge that I was going to be working a six day week for the next two months.

Yesterday it snowed. Today I had to start work at 10.30 and the clinic didn't open til 9, and I'm not in a profession where you can just arrive late for work and say 'doctor's appointment.' I'm in a profession where they have to get someone to cover you, and also it can't be done at short notice if you're running late from the hospital.

Similarly, I need the hycosy, or whatever its called, and I was supposed to schedule it for CD8 - which is a Sunday, so it would have been pushed to the Monday. A day on which I agreed before Christmas, before treatment, that I will be able to do 6 hours of overtime.

So I just didn't go this morning. I can't add one more element of stress at the moment. In a month's time things will be much calmer, and I will be able to breathe, think and schedule my treatments without worrying.

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China Doll said...

Sounds like the right decision for the timebeing Kat. In our profession, sometimes you just physically can't do everything and the added stress of trying to won't help either. Enjoy the break! xx