Friday, 28 January 2011

Go Team Dragon!

Chinadoll posted this regarding the Chinese Zodiac of her potential IVF baby. Basically, the timing of the thing means that all going well (one or two cycles, not too far apart - wishful thinking, yes I know) both of us might be looking at babies that would be born in 2012, which is the year of the dragon.

I love the idea of a Dragon baby (I'm a monkey, which I always disliked the idea of). Of course, I love the idea of any baby, but Team Dragon sounds like a team you can really support.

Go Team Dragon!


China Doll said...

The Dragon is supposed to be the luckiest sign and it's the only mythical creature in the zodiac so it's definitely special :)

Kat said...

We should make a 'Team Dragon' button or something!