Monday, 3 January 2011


I called the clinic today to find out my husband's results. I had to ring the international clinic, and they weren't there for about an hour. It was either lunch time, or they were helping other people. I could have called the 'emergency' mobile number, but it really wasn't an emergency. I got through later, only to find out that they don't give results over the phone. One more misunderstanding I suppose.

They said last week 'Your husband's results will be back on Monday.' I understood them to be saying 'Call on Monday for the results,' but apparently what they were actually saying was 'When your next period comes and you come in for your day 2 bloods, you husband can come in to see the urologist.'

I immediately took this to be bad news - why else would he need to see the urologist? However they persuaded me in the end that it really is procedure. Apparently my husband didn't sign the part of the form that says the results can be given over the phone.

I expect we'll wait until then, as I still have to have my test before we can do anything anyway. While the clinic is near my work it isn't near my husband's, so it would take him a good 3 hours to get the results.

I'm a little irritated, but I think it is more to do with having to wait for my tests, and that's up to mother nature.


luckyme said...
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luckyme said...

Hmmm I think I would have interpreted results being 'back' as 'available to the patient/partner' too! What a pain. Sometimes the timing around work, AF cycles, Dr's holidays and laboratory times slow things down. I remember a few infuriating months then suddenly in December everything was timed beautifully and it fell into place so quickly. It sounds like you have most of the tests booked/done so next months I hope it all fits together and things really start moving!

Kat said...

Me too!