Thursday, 27 January 2011

No Quotes Today... Promise!

Feeling under the weather today - I think I'm getting a cold of some kind and I still have half of my working week left to go. I read in bed for an hour and a half before I dragged myself up, and so my rounds of the ALI blogs was shorter than usual.

I usually do a random sample, following links on one blog to the next, and sometimes find it difficult to retrace my steps. Yesterday I read on The Pitter-Patter that she was going for a 12 week scan yesterday, after losing a previous pregnancy. Today I actually managed to find her blog again (yes, there is a miraculous thing called Internet History, but often between my husband and me it can take a good twenty minutes to trawl through) and the news is good!

This morning my blogging trip was overwhelmingly positive - so many young babies, or pregnancies doing well. I know all of these journey's were difficult, but it feels good to know there is hope out there.

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