Thursday, 17 February 2011

F-ing FB

Just wanted to share this post over at Yolk as I think it echoes the frustration many of us feel at some of the people on FB.


luckyme said...

It's a funny idea that people would draw inspiration from this and try to be creative in their announcements. It's sounds very American, don't think I know anyone who would do this...I hope?! It's not my taste really. Usually it's a grainy, grey scan appearing on the news feed or something cryptic, i.e. finally out of the closet or a recent one (not sure it will be a pregnancy) ....just made her husband the happiest man in the world. Any cryptic status update (pregnant or not) annoys me really.

luckyme said...

The arrow to the stomach....oh dear!

Kat said...

They are all vomit-makingly cute. A high-school friend announced her pregnancy by commenting that she was going to vomit. So of course everyone jumped in with 'are you pregnant?' She can't be that far along, but at least it shows a bit of humour!