Thursday, 17 February 2011

I blame the cat.

I've noticed this week I seem to be dreaming more, or at least remembering my dreams, and I think I have figured out why: The Cat.

I do love The Cat, but he has recently developed a habit of deciding that its time for us (well, only me actually) to get up. We let him sleep in the bedroom, because during the night he is quiet and sleeps nicely, and the alternative, shutting the door with him outside, leads him to scratch at the door and meow loudly for quite some time, basically until he is let back in. So the cat has decided it is time for me to wake up. He wakes me up by jumping on me heavily, which usually interrupts a dream and then I remember it, otherwise I don't think I would.

And have I been having some really specific fertility/baby related dreams over the last week. I posted about HCG test results and my apparent fear of multiples before I realised that constantly posting about my bizarre dreams was really weird. Just to keep you updated however as I progress towards CD1 next month (CD26 today) my dreams have continued in a fertility theme. On Monday night I actually dreamed I had a full on 6-month size bump, and my co-worker who is currently pushing 7 1/2 months gave birth. Last night I dreamed I was at the fertility docs, he told me I had old eggs and so he wanted to 'jumpstart' my system. He gave me light blue pills and dark blue pills, but I couldn't remember which ones to take for how long. Pregnant co-worker also in this dream as well.

Don't need to be a dream specialist to interpret these dreams.


China Doll said...

I reckon the best fertility-related dreams are the conception ones! ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor cat!

Those dreams sound vivid... I never dream about this stuff.

Kat said...

Nor do I usually, in fact the only time I have was this time last year with the ectopic. So while logically I know the chances of being pregnant are tiny, it's still worrying me a little!