Sunday, 27 February 2011

It only takes one! (or) Why statistics can be misleading.

It only takes one. The phrase that we cling to, yet simultaneously hate because if it only takes one, then where on earth is my one? Sorry to people who are having trouble with male factor, but I actually have something to celebrate in all this so I'm going to blog about it. They'll be plenty on my dodgy tubes next week.

The urologist at the clinic keeps reminding my husband that 'while there have been advances, the chances of IVF working are only between 30-40%' I think even though my husband hasn't read any of the stuff I've sent in his direction, and probably only half listens when I talk, again, about IVF, he has retained that particular titbit. It's not so bad, it could be worse. Try, try again.

But looking at the semen analysis made my heart stop for a moment, especially when I looked at the morphology section. As you can see from this post things are considered normal by the clinic, but the percentages of weird things going on with his morphology terrified me. 52% of his sperm seem to have some weird morphology thing going on. I haven't googled anything yet so I don't know what's considered OK, but that's not the point of this post anyway.

The point of this post is that I was terrified. More than 50% of his sperm were weird. Oh no, we'll need ICSI, it'll be expensive I thought. But then I realized that even if we do need ICSI we have enough sperm to fertilise a few eggs. And then a surplus of millions. Because in this case it really does only take one. Or seven or eight.

I have updated the Costs so far... section also.


China Doll said...

Definitely try not to worry. Even with normal IVF, they wash and spin the sample to get the best swimmers, don't they? So you've still got plenty to get the job done :)

Kat said...

I don't know, do they? I think they get going with the fertilisation pretty quickly, unless you have male factors to contend with? Hopefully I'll find out pretty soon.