Saturday, 5 February 2011

A Perfect Greys Moment

I have had a few issues with Greys Anatomy over the last few episodes about the Derek/Meredith trying to conceive storyline. I refuse to use the word 'infertility' to describe their experience so far as it has only been 6 months. A couple of things that have bugged me:

Meredith shrugging off her miscarriage I guess she had only known for sure for less than a day and it was an accidental pregnancy, and she had her husband being shot to deal with, but I think Christina put it best when she asked Meredith 'How are you fine?'

Meredith taking a pregnancy test every ten minutes She's a doctor! If she tested early and it was negative first thing in the morning then that isn't going to change during the course of one day. I get that it's funny and it's something we've all done, but come on. You don't need to be an OBGYN to read test instructions.

Callie is accidentally pregnant I actually love this storyline (because I love Callie, I love Mark, I love Lexie, Arizona not so much, but still) but the timing is contrived as a juxtaposition to the Meredith/Derek ttc storyline. On the other hand, isn't just how it goes - you get bad news, someone else gets pregnant accidentally.

However, as part of this storyline this week's Greys had an absolutely perfect moment. When Mark went to Derek about Callie being pregnant, Derek's face was great. So completely accurate - you could see his annoyance and shock and then just disgust with Mark. Awesome. It's nice to see the elusive Male Perspective on TV. We're so used to seeing half-crazed women peeing on a stick and breaking down in public that it was cool to see a man-man moment about infertility.

**On re-reading this post that in describing Greys Anatomy I've made it sound like a really bad soap opera. If you don't watch it, it really isn't as melodramatic as it seems... not always anyway!**


luckyme said...

What a good subject, I was planning to type a few thoughts on infertility in fiction over the weekend, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but I saw a few episodes in the beginning and know a few characters. I hope I can add some realistic portrayals of fertility issues to my post, they are hard to find I think.

Kat said...

How I Met Your Mother is also dealing with a ttc storyline at the moment. As its a comedy its faintly ridiculous (of course) but it's not too bad.

luckyme said...

Ah right, I'll have a look, TV is mainly American here so I'll find it.

Kat said...

Same here, plus we download a lot as well. It's difficult to keep up with British series, and also iPlayer doesn't work here.

China Doll said...

I love Greys but could do without the TTC storyline, just because I imagine that it'll end in some fantastic, unlikely way (though I appreciate that it's already been a rough road for them). But I suppose Mer is acting like me (and others, I'm sure)... getting obsessed after 6 months sounds very familiar to me :0

Kat said...

I saw an interview with Shona Rimes a while back where she was asked whether there would be a McBaby and she said '*No!*... yes'