Thursday, 31 March 2011

First Scan

My appointment was for 10.30 this morning, but I thought I would get there early. When I got to the ultrasound waiting room at 10.15 (yeah, my plan to get there early wasn't a very successful plan) there were about twenty other women waiting. Damn. It.

I got out my book and started reading, but actually I got called within ten minutes.

As I changed into my lovely checked ultrasound skirt, I thought about Chinadoll and the lack of privacy she gets in China for scans. At my clinic, even in the changing room there are little cubicles with curtains to put on your lovely check ultrasound skirt. Each little scan cubicle has a curtain and I feel quite secure. The ultrasound-tech was very good and it wasn't too uncomfortable this time. I don't think anyone would describe it as pleasant.

According to Dr K, my left ovary 'has not responded' as well as the right, but the right one has a 1.3cm follicle which it quite promising. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not about the side. On the one hand, the right tube is probably has less adhesions than the left, as the left was the one I had the ectopic in. On the other hand, from the HSG, the open end of the right one is a little bit closed, though not completely.

At my last appointment the doctor warned me very seriously about the chances of another ectopic. I nodded, said yes-yes, but I wasn't really taking it in. Now it's getting closer to the time I'm getting more worried. But there's nothing I can do about it except wait and see, so that's what I'm going to do.

Next scan on Saturday, at 7.45am (gah!) as the doctor recommended coming in early before it gets too busy. He thinks we'll do the IUI the middle of next week. No more drugs so far.


Summastarlet said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that the folly keeps on growing nicely for you in preparation for your IUI. xx

Michele said...

Grow little follicle grow!!!

Sending you good thoughts.

Ang said...

*cheers for the follicle* Do your thing!!

I'll be up at that hour and thinking of you all (you, M and the follicle =P), sending you good luck vibes!

Sushigirl said...

Fingers crossed it works!

China Doll said...

That follicle is quite big already.. great news! Lucky you with your fancy ultrasound skirts.. ;)