Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I. Don't. Understand.

Were my words to the doctor. I am in shock right now.

So, last year I was told that my fallopian tubes were severely blocked on both sides and that the only way that we could conceive was through IVF. We were told this 3 times by two different doctors.

Today I had the HSG, and things are 'normal' more or less. There is a slight dilation on the right side which suggests an adhesion, but the contrast dye passed through completely. On both sides.

I guess the lesson here is always get a second opinion.

The doctor says that perhaps because this test is more sensitive than the lap and dye they might have made a mistake. She also said that given my history she double checked that they were my scans.


Kate Bentley said...


I think this is a cause for rather major celebrations - someone pop that champagne!

It must be very strange to think that something that was black is now white. And makes you question all sorts of things about the infallibility of doctors...but the bottom line is...this is FABULOUS! Go those tubes!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's great news. Understand if you are confused. I would be too.

Rochelle said...

Wow! That's great!

Ang said...

I am ecstatic for you both!! YAAAAAY!!!