Sunday, 20 March 2011

More dreams...

Uh-oh, you groan, and to be honest I groaned when I woke up from this one this morning:

I dreamed about positive pregnancy tests again. I don't know if this is my subconscious picking up on something my body is doing, or sadly more likely, I'm so completely obsessed with this cycle that I'm now dreaming about it.

So, I dreamed that I had two positive tests, but I wasn't sure, so I dipped the two tests again and the positive lines kept sliding about. Incredibly weird.

I've felt nauseous all afternoon (hopefully not from radiation from Japan!) but I suspect that's just because I ate my lunch too quickly. I also have abdominal tenderness, though I can't remember if that's normal for my cycle or not (I'm the least self-aware infertile ever, it seems).

I just took a hpt when I got in (I know it's the wrong time of day, but I couldn't wait as I had been dwelling on it all day.) BFN of course. It's CD27 and 9dpo, so I can tell myself its still too early, but at least now I've used up the cheapies, so I won't be tempted again.

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Anonymous said...

Dreams are good! And yes, way too early for you to be out yet!