Thursday, 3 March 2011


After the news yesterday, I found myself breaking in giggles as I walked down the street to the bus stop, as if I had received a stay of execution or something. However, just because my tubes are somehow now clear does not mean that it will be easy sailing to conceive.

However, just to be presented with options is amazing. For a year I have thought I only had two: childlessness or IVF. Suddenly we actually have a choice to make; even if we come back to IVF in a few months time at least I will feel that I have taken my chances elsewhere first.

Given my history, there is no way of knowing whether my tubes will actually function properly, even though they are not blocked. Dr H (who was lovely in every way - very beautiful woman!) says that if there is scarring on the outside, which on the left there definitely will be from the surgery, they may not move as they should, and scarring from the chlamydia/surgery on the inside makes my risk of ectopic higher.

I asked her what she thought we should do, and she said immediately, IVF, but she also said that if we wanted to we could try one of the following for a couple of cycles:

1. Timed intercourse
The ultimate test of whether things are working properly.
Pros Free. More enjoyable. Completely non-invasive (so to speak).
Cons Low rate of success. Risk of ectopic

2. IUI with/without fertility meds
Pros Less drugs, easier to take than IVF. Cheaper. Less invasive than IVF
Cons Lower rate of success than IVF (10% says Dr H). Risk of ectopic

Unfortunately, the risk of ectopic is always there even with IVF, especially as I have already had one, but she was very reassuring and pointed out that I would be so carefully monitored that we would know very quickly if there was a problem.

I'm leaning towards a medicated cycle of IUI, which is what I said to Dr H yesterday. She stressed very strongly that we should only try a couple of cycles before moving forward to IVF (got to keep the clinic stats high!) but at least we have the choice.


China Doll said...

How exciting Kat! I'm so pleased for you :) ..And this totally supports my policy of getting at least 4 Dr opinions on any result which I don't like ;)

Your man's results are OK, aren't they? So you've got a good chance through other methods, rather than IVF? IUI is pretty easy and physically non-stressful, though there's always that mental stress of it getting your hopes up but that comes every month really, doesn't it? Looking forward to hearing what you decide :)
Congrats again xx

luckyme said...

What lovely news and such a surprising position to be in suddenly re evaluating your situation again, from 2 options to many, after all this time :)

Kat said...

We just don't know what chances we have, as we don't know whether the tubes can transport a fertilised egg properly - they are patent, but its impossible to tell what their function will be like.

If the IUI doesn't work (and I know the chances are low) then at least I'll have some idea how the medication affects me going into an IVF cycle. Because my work is with people and children, I'm really worried about how the drugs might affect my mood - I can always tell what time of the month it is by how much the kids annoy me!

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it x x x

Kate Bentley said...

This just opens so many doors - it is amazing! I do have one thought though - I have heard that there is a practise where if tubes are not thought to be working they are removed to stop the risk of ectopic and then everything is IVF....sounds terrifying, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of all possible info...but here is to you never, ever needing it and lots and lots of nookie! xxxxxxxxxx

Summastarlet said...

Wow! It's great that you have options now! Nice to get some positive news for a change!! I am sure you will make a decision that you are happy with and hopefully it results in a healthy pregnancy!! xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to go with IUI first before bringing on IVF. Hope you can get started soon =)

Kat said...

@Kate I was surprised actually after the ectopic that they didn't remove the left tube, though we were told they were both closed. I think usually in Britain they just remove the tube, but in Spain they have a different policy.
@Summastarlet Keep your fingers crossed for me!
@Cattiz I hope it's the right choice, and isn't just a waste of money.