Tuesday, 15 March 2011


After staying pretty calm so far this cycle, I'm afraid paranoia has kicked in this morning. I have an ache, occasionally I would classify it as a twinge, on the left side, where the scar from my ectopic surgery is. It's not too painful, but it's there.

Intellectually, I know this could be a number of factors; in fact I get random twinges often on that side since the surgery. I usually consider it proof that the tube can still move. The pain starts around ovulation, and continues until my period starts.

However today I'm paranoid, and something in my brain is whispering ectopic.

I thought of taking an hpt this morning, but this would be a complete waste of a test as I am only 4 dpo, so a normal pregnancy wouldn't be showing yet, and an ectopic pregnancy definitely wouldn't be. I'm not sure if a normal pregnancy would have implanted yet but an ectopic one might have whispers that little voice.

When I had the HSG earlier this month, I was really surprised at how small the uterus and tubes are compared to the surrounding space. I guess because the only time I'm really aware of them is when they hurt in some way, and then the pain fills the whole abdomen. Knowing this, I know that the pain could be coming from my fallopian tube, but could also be coming from the ovary, or the uterus as well, as they are all so close together.

I don't know if this makes me feel reassured or worse.


China Doll said...

Couldn't this be ovulation pains? I've been getting them in the past few months and they tend to be before and after ovulation... Try not to worry xx

Sushigirl said...

From experience, the only way to silence the little voice is to get the tube out. But you obviously don't want to do that! ;)

You know this anyway, but for what it's worth, the odds are very much in your favour that it's not an ep, and even if it was it would be extremely unlikely that you'd be able to feel anything by now.