Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Most of my early side effects have subsided, though I'm still finding it really difficult to get up in the morning. I don't have a headache any more, and I don't have any dizziness when I take the meds.

However, I am particularly scatterbrained at the moment. Concentrating at work is difficult, and I'm also yammering on more than usual. The bad thing about this is that I'm in an industry where TTT (teacher talk time) is a no-no. It's a strange situation, as students like you more if you talk to them and they know more about you, but as teachers we know it's better if we talk less and the students talk more.

However, my chattiness has seemed to get two classes who were both quite skeptical about me friendlier this week. The fact is that I'm almost glad about this particular side effect, as it seems to have improved my professional life for once.


Summastarlet said...

The longer I'm on this rollercoaster ride the worse my memory seems to be..not sure what that's about!

I hope you feel clearer soon, but I suppose it's good that it has had a slightly postive effect for you at work!

China Doll said...

I agree with SummaScarlet about the memory thing.. not sure if it's giving up work or the fert drugs but I have to write everything down now or it goes in and out of my head in an instant!

Funny about your TTT! And students do tend to like when we talk more.. there are different pedagogical theories on this, so you can consider your extra TTT 'graded input' for your students ;)