Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Smart apps!

I got an iphone last week - I know many people living in the UK or US or wherever have iPhones, but here in Korea they have only recently made it easy for foreigners to get one. I love it, it's awesome, and one of the things I love is the apps.

When we realised last week that we might be able to have a baby 'the old fashioned way' I immediately went to the app store and looked for an app to tell me about my cycle. I have an admission, that the two years that we were trying, I never charted. I knew how long my cycle was, and we worked with that. In fact, the month that I finally bought the basal body thermometer, was the month the ectopic pregnancy occurred.

So, I have my app, which is pretty cool, and by putting the dates it it has told me that since my ectopic, I have shifted to a 30-31 day cycle. I am aware I could have calculated this myself, but as we weren't ttc the last year while waiting for enough money for treatments, I never really bothered. It also tells me that this week is the week, and that I ovulate on Friday. I know I should back this up with charting but I'm really not very good at remembering to take my temperature. I have managed it three times over the last week and forgot to write it down once, as I tend to take it half asleep when the cat first jumps on me, then check it later when I feel more awake. I suck at charting.

As we have no idea whether we can conceive 'naturally,' and we have been strongly advised not to wait long at all before pursuing treatment, I don't feel too bad about my lack of initiative. If it's going to happen this way, it will happen. Charting only really works if you do it over a longer period so you can see patterns. By that point, we will be undergoing treatments.

I love my smartphone app.


New Year Mum said...

Love my iPhone too... so many weird and wonderful apps :) I'm with you on the charting thing - I never managed to do a full month and now that we're on treatment, it doesn't matter anyway. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you xoxo

Sushigirl said...

I didn't do charting - I looked at it after my first IVF cycle but gave up. I did have one of those ovulation monitor things. But good luck and I hope the app helps.

Kat said...

I thought about getting an ovulation monitor but I've not seen one out here, plus aren't they kind of expensive as you have to buy the sticks and stuff?

As I said, we're just going to see what happens this month, and then go for treatment next cycle.

China Doll said...

I didn't find charting too helpful but that's probably because I don't have a proper temp shift (and therein lies the problem)! Checking out CM is the better way to go, I think ;)

Kat said...

I haven't had the professional advice on CM on that you have! I do actually tend to notice it more than anything else.