Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Today's the day

Today I go in for the HyCoSy or whatever test it is they do here that involves dye and fallopian tubes. If I sound vague it's because I am. I have been advised by ladies who have gone through it not to look up too much about it in advance. So I haven't. I am mentally telling myself that it can't be worse than the pain of the ectopic pregnancy nearly rupturing my fallopian tube, nor the recovery from surgery for that. It can't possibly be, can it? True, they gave me some pretty strong drugs for that, but it still hurt.

I'm staying in bed as long as possible today in an attempt to stay relaxed. Not sure if it will work. I have to go on my own which I'm not thrilled about, but my my husband can't get time off work and I don't want to drag my friend to this on her day off.

But, at least after today the doctor will know what the situation is and we'll hopefully be able to move forward one way or other. Also, the lap and dye I had was a year ago now, and I have been wondering if there could have been any changes. I don't expect positive changes, by the way, I know I won't have magically healed myself. If only. Even if the left tube, which had the ectopic in, has miraculously healed in an 'open' way (if such a thing is possible) I still don't think I would feel that confident about trying 'naturally' after having had an ectopic.

Also, I'll get the results of my Day 3 bloods that were taken last week today I think. Not sure how long that takes actually.


China Doll said...

Thinking of you today.. I'm sure it will go fine and will be no big deal, at all. Fingers crossed for good results :)

Kat said...

Thanks - it was definitely unpleasant, but it was tolerable. Results are... confusing!