Friday, 4 March 2011

An Urban Myth?

Since Wednesday I have been trying to put it all together. I've been off work this week and so I have time to think about it and try to figure out what on earth has been happening the last year. The trouble is, I'm not a doctor, and the doctor I have has no real idea what could have happened. As a non-doctor I see one or a combination of the following as possibilities.

1. The surgeon's in Spain made a mistake and could not see the dye passing through. This is what my doctor here has said, but the Spanish doctors were pretty adamant that the tubes were closed and referred us to the fertility specialist. If the test is that fallible it must be quite expensive for the Spanish health service.

2. The trauma from the ectopic/surgery had made both tubes swell up and so the dye did not pass through. After the trauma passed, the tubes opened again.

3. The chlamydia I had at the time of the ectopic and was only discovered/treated after the event had made both tubes swell up and so the dye did not pass through. After the infection was treated, the tubes opened again.

4. The Spanish surgeons tried to open the tubes during the surgery. I find this unlikely, as I think they would have told us, but my doctor here suggested it as a possibility. However the fertility doc in Spain did not mention anything about this (though maybe he just didn't want to give false hope?)

5. After the surgery, while stuck at home, I read The Secret and was visualising my tubes healing - the theory being that as all your cells renew themselves all the time, why shouldn't we be able to affect the way they renew. I both do/don't believe in this kind of thing, so I do/don't want to leave it off the list.

So, does anyone else have any ideas? At the moment I risk become being an urban infertility myth to give people false hope.


Kate Bentley said...

Your tubes are like flowers and respond to Korean food?! xxxx

Kat said...

Kimchi did keep the SARS virus away... perhaps that's why! It didn't keep out swine flu though.

Summastarlet said...

Lots of possibilities there..not really sure what fits. Would be cool if it was because of reading the secret and visualising your tubes open!!

Kat said...

I know! It's hard to believe though, which is why I said I both did/didn't want to post it.

Sushigirl said...

Hmm. My money would be on the Spanish docs making a mistake.

You could try posting on the Ectopc Pregnancy Trust boards though, and see if it's happened to anyone else (don't think you're on there?).

China Doll said...

All of your suggestions sound feasible.. there was so much going on with your tubes at the time of the ectopic and surrounding trauma that it would make sense for your tubes to have healed :)

Kat said...

I just don't know - I accept that the lap and dye was fallible, and perhaps there was trauma also from the ectopic, but we were ttc for 2 years before that and nothing happened.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we went back and they said, 'oops, they were someone else's scans.' Though if they say I need another HSG I may stab them.

I was on the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust boards last year, and the BC ectopic boards, but I felt like I was reliving it over and over again so I stopped. I just wanted to move forward. Maybe I'll post again.