Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy April ICLW!

Welcome to anyone stopping by from ICLW. If you leave a comment I will come and visit you as well.

In brief: TTC 3+ years. 1 ectopic March 2010, 1 misdiagnosis March 2010, 1 retest March 2011, IUI#1 April 2011 with clomid - BFN. For more details please see About and/or Timelines. You can also check out how much it has cost us, but I haven't gotten around to adding the IUI yet, so factor in another $600 or so!

I'm actually going in this afternoon to talk things over with the doctor to see what our next step should be as I am undecided at the moment.

I live in South Korea and work as an EFL teacher.


China Doll said...

Hope your meeting with the Doctor goes well today xx

Annie said...

Here from ICLW. I've taught English abroad also (Russia & China) and can't imagine doing infertility treatment in a foreign country. What an adventure! Hopeing you get your dragon baby!

China Doll said...

Love your blog and thank you so much for your support on my IF journey. I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger and/or Versatile blogger Award :)) Follow the link below and join in the fun this Easter :)

Lora said...

Hello from ICLW. I'm a teacher as well so I know the difficulties of going through treatments and teaching. I hope everything goes well with your doctor's appointment today.

Patience said...

Here from ICLW.

Another fellow teacher. Hoping you get some insights from the Dr today. I can only imagine the added challenge of undergoing infertility treatment on the other side of the globe. Best wishes to you!