Saturday, 2 April 2011

Second Scan

Wow, the clinic was so quiet at 7.45am. Went in to ultrasound really quickly, had the good tech again (or maybe I'm just getting used to it). Got a free coffee from the machine and then when I went over to Dr K's office the nurse was standing in the doorway waiting for me and ushered me in immediately.

Now the not so good news. Dr K says that now I'm slow to respond and come back on Tuesday to measure again. From looking at the tech screen and at his notes I seem to now have one at 1.1cm and one at 1.2cm. I'm a little confused as 2 days ago I had a good size follie. Has it shrunk again, or has it popped already? Dr K can be a little difficult to ask questions to, but knowing that answer wouldn't change anything in this cycle anyway, would it? The information only serves going into the next round of treatment, and I'm sure Dr K has taken note of it.

The timing actually works better this way. Tuesday is a big day at work with our big-big boss visiting, so I didn't want to have the IUI in the morning and then go into quite a tense day. I'm actually hoping to be able to take my classes off that day if possible, but if we're having an important visit there would be no way without causing problems for everyone.

I'm disappointed to be responding slowly, but it's a long road yet and I don't want to get upset at every small setback.


China Doll said...

Strange that the follicle seems to be smaller but you never know what will happen in the next couple of days so (worst advice ever).. try not to worry ;)
Hope the work visit goes well.

luckyme said...

You make a good point that there is not much that can be adjusted on this cycle but it's really valuable for the next one. I hope things go well in the next few days, I'll be thinking of you. I hope you have a nice day after your ridiculously early start:)

Michele said...

I'm sorry you're struggling to communicate with your doc. I hope things go smoothly anyway.