Monday, 30 May 2011

3 Minute Update

I don't really have much to report, but I do like to try to update fairly regulary. Tomorrow I'm back to the clinic in the morning for an ultrasound. I've been spinning various scenarios over the past few days, like I have too many follicles, and he converts to an IVF cycle, or cancels the cycle. Or I go in and I've already ovulated and the whole thing was a waste of time. Or I'll go in, find out I have to wait a few more days, and I will be triggered probably Wednesday.

I'm feeling really uncomfortable today, and am seriously contemplating going to class in half an hour with my trousers undone under my top. I'm definitely feeling it today. My last injection was this morning, so hopefully it will be better by the end of the week. Either that or I'll have to start wearing different clothes to work.

I have also been bad and been looking at Bug.aboo buggies again, but I gave myself a time limit so as not to drive myself into despair. I have chosen the one I want but can't afford (The Bee, btw) I no longer believe that I will jinx anything by looking. In fact, I am in a very optimistic place the last couple of days (I think the 'more than five' follies have done it, lets hope they stick around). Even if this IUI doesn't work, we'll be moving to IVF hopefully over the summer. The chances there are much higher.

Gah! That was more like a 5 minute update. I need to get ready for class now.


Joey said...

You can go to class wearing (or not wearing) whatever you want in my opinion. The world owes you at least that much! haha

Looking at buggies can be a good thing. At least you know what you want when this becomes your BFP!


luckyme said...

Gosh...this reminds me of 'stimming' for ICSI, so many 'what if's' for and of these cycles. I remember living and working in a very small selection of clothes without waistbands! Hope you're not too uncomfortable for too long!

China Doll said...

Get used to the 'unfastened waistband' look for when you get that BFP! Hope it all goes well at the scan tomorrow xx

Kat said...

@Chinadoll - From your lips to God's ears!