Monday, 23 May 2011


We are all systems go for IUI#2 with follitropin. I'm doing four days of injectables, rather than five as I expected. The doc says it's because he thinks I'll respond well, but I suspect it might be because he had 'workshop' marked on his calender for Saturday, which here in Korea means going on retreat with the company so I guess he's not in on Saturday. Scan on Friday.

The clinic was mega-busy this morning (they don't open on Sunday, so everything happens on Monday instead.) but I went in more or less on time. The longest wait was for the injection lesson. The English speaking nurse was really nice and did not make me feel stressed about it at all.

While I was waiting for my number to come up I psyched myself up by reminding myself that I was always a scab picker as a child (tmi - sorry), and that I once removed my own stitches at home with nail scissors and iodine. (They were supposed to dissolve but didn't completely and I couldn't be bothered to go to the doctors to have them out so I did it myself.) If I could do that I could give myself a little injection.

Which I did - first time. The nurse said that no-one does it the first time but I suspect she says that to everyone. I think it helped that I'd read up on it beforehand so I knew what to expect.

What really shocked me was the difference in cost. The clomid had cost about $6 for five days, the follitropin is close to $80!

One injection down, three to go! I've had to put them in the fridge at work (in a brown paper bag) so I just have to hope I don't forget them when I go home at 10pm. I have put a post-it with 'FRIDGE!' written on it on my computer. Otherwise I will be coming in very early tomorrow to do my injection in the office bathroom.


China Doll said...

Yey on doing your injection first time! And on getting going with your cycle :) Is it an injector pen or a needle?

Kat said...

It's a pre-filled needle, all I have to do it take off the cap. It's really small though so I don't feel too badass about it.

Summastarlet said...

Hope you didn't forget your needles!! Wishing you the best of luck for this cycle. xx

JustHeather said...

I've left myself 'Fridge!' notes at work before. LOL I'm usually so paranoid about forgetting my meds, that I do remember. Good luck with the rest of your injections. I don't mind the little ones at all.

Kat said...

I remembered to take them home, though I had a moment of panic on the way home when I thought they had disappeared from my bag!

Did this mornings with the cat going mental around me.

Carmela said...

Oh my goodness, I wouldn't be able to give myself a shot. We'll probably end up doing a medicated IUI sometime in the next few months, and I'm terrified of the needles. My DH will have to give them to me I suppose :)...Good luck to you!

ICLW #56

Kat said...

I was hoping I could get my husband to do it but my doc said I had to do it right then, and the time that I have to do it he's at work anyway. It's not so bad as I thought.