Friday, 27 May 2011

More than five...

CD7 after 4 days of follitropin injections.

Good news and annoying news at my appointment today.

The good news is that I have 'more than five' follicles at an early stage. As my doctor says it's the size not the number that is important, but considering on CD9 of my last Clomid cycle the tech had to press really hard on my belly to even find one follicle I'm pretty happy with this. I know it's early because the tech didn't measure any of them.

Lining at 6mm, which again I'm pretty happy with.

The annoying news is that I have to do four more days of injections. I hadn't really researched the injectables, and in my ignorance I thought I was done with them this cycle. Doing the injections themselves hasn't been a problem, but for some reason having four more days this cycle really annoyed me. I already feel uncomfortable and a little bloated, and I'm not looking forward to it getting worse. Also, for about five hours after each injection I feel kind of sick and have no appetite. Plus headaches. Yesterday I felt like I was hungover all day.

So while I had a lot of positive news today, I felt like crying after. Also, my husband is working really long hours at the moment, and I'm not seeing him enough. I guess I'm feeling like I'm doing this alone at the moment.

Back again on Tuesday morning.


China Doll said...

Glad to hear you've got good follicles and endo so far :) Though understand the impatience with the extra days of injections - I felt the same during stimming.. you get a picture in your head of what will happen when and then it gets thrown off. Plus the hormones can make it hard to deal with just about anything! Hope you get to spend more time with your guy soon xx

luckyme said...

It must be frustrating when you've really geared yourself up for these 4 days only to find there are more and the hormones don't help. Good news though that you are responding really well. Hope you can squeeze in some 'me time' today and catch up with your bloke really soon x

marilyn said...

aw sweety! I am sorry there is no one there with you going through this! That is got to be very frustrating. And to be going over a cycle again...I am sure you have every right to be frustrated to have to do 4 more injecting days! I am here for you...well..we are all here with you:)

Anonymous said...

hi - stopping from ICLW

I'm sorry hun... my hubby also works long, long hours - while I haven't been working for the past 3 months. It does feel a bit isolated.

But I'm sure you know that really, he's with you?

JustHeather said...

I'm so sorry you were only expecting 4 days of injections! I know the hormones don't help in hearing the news you didn't want to hear. But it is great news that you are responding well to the meds. I hope your appointment on Tuesday is filled only with good news.

Kat said...

Thanks ladies! I know it was mostly the hormones making me all screwy, but I felt really down on Friday. I ended up in tears over something in the evening (though I can't remember what it was now). In the end my husband had to bring me the cat to hug because I was so pathetic!

However on Saturday my dh and I managed to spend some time together. We went down to the river and rode bikes which was really nice as the weather was good.