Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pseudo-Friday Randomness

I work a weird schedule where my week starts on Sunday, but also means that Thursday is my Friday (yay!) So for me today is Friday and I've finished work for the week.

Not too much happening IF wise, so I thought I would do a pseudo Friday roundup of randomness.

1. Pre-AF spotting finally started today (CD31) so tomorrow I'm going to book an appointment for Monday to start our injectable IUI cycle. Part of me hopes they won't let me do the injections myself, part of me doesn't want to go to the clinic every day.

2. I walked about a third of the way home from work this evening up and down the hills of Seocho-gu (Seoul is a really hilly city in places). I walked about 2km as the crow flies, but feels further as you go up and down. It was a really nice day though and I saw some things that I had forgotten about Korea having lived here so long:

3. There are so many yellow mini-buses around at six thirty in Seoul traffic, ferrying school children from the ages of 6-18 from one after-school class to another. I was waiting at a crossing and saw 5 go past in less than a minute.

4. There was a farmers market in the car park outside the Express Bus Terminal. Those of you living in the states may not find this unusual, but it really is.

5. I saw an old car which had plastic instead of a window. Again, this might not sound unusual to anyone outside of Korea but for here that's really, really weird. Cars are the number one status symbol here and very few people have cars more than five years old.

6. I stocked up on mosquito repelling products. Mosquito season is just around the corner, so I bought body spray, room spray, a plug-in repellent device, and the little cakes that go in it. I was very pleased with myself to remember, as usually I only get around to it once I have been bitten a few times. Korean mosquitos do not agree with me. The number one brand of mosquito repellent is called 'Off!' and the room spray is called 'Off Killer!'


luckyme said...

It's nice when you can have fresh eyes again for a city you've come to know well. I live in L'eau d'OFF for 10 months of the year too...little buggers.

Are your injectables just sub cutaneous or intra muscular? I would be relieved to have IM injections in a clinic but SC, I bet you would feel confident in no time. There are some really good utube clips too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting things to learn here.

How great you can start the next cycle so soon!

China Doll said...

Nice to hear more about the city :)

Anonymous said...

I love spring for many reasons, but I love that you can walk around and see things in your neighborhood again instead of rushing past trying to get from one heated place to another.

Good luck with your new cycle! I don't mind giving myself the sub cutaneous ones -- it was weird at first, but they aren't bad.

Liz said...

Visiting from ICLW. I did injectables this IUI cycle and doing the injections really wasn't bad. You can do it!!