Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Think you're superstitious?

On the IF front, I have two more days of injectables (taking the total up to 10) and back on Thursday for another scan. I had about five follicles that they measured (4 or 5, I've forgotten.) The lead follie was at 1.4cm. Lining at 7.2mm. Hopefully it'll be trigger Thursday, IUI on Saturday.

I noticed something very interesting today at the clinic. I have long known that Koreans are really superstitious about the number 4. In Chinese, the word 'four' sounds similar to the word 'to die,' and one set of numbers that Koreans use (there are two, how's that for complicated?) is based on the Chinese. The upshot of this is that 4 is considered unlucky. I have had a student tell me that he will not board an aeroplane at 4 o'clock, and it is quite common for buildings, especially hospitals, not to have a fourth floor. It either goes 1-2-3-5, or 1-2-3-F-5. That 'F' makes all the difference - it doesn't matter that logically floor 5 or F is actually floor 4. It's displaying the number itself that makes it unlucky.

Today I was waiting for my ultrasound when I noticed that the cubicle numbers went 1-2-3-5-6. I had always just assumed that there were 6 cubicles, but today I happened to be sitting between 3 and 5. I couldn't help smiling as I realised. It makes perfect sense. Women undergoing treatment for infertility and recurrent loss are likely to be worried about things going wrong, so why tempt fate by having a number 4 ultrasound room? Women here would just refuse to use it, and probably everyone, including the doctors, would be paranoid about it. Better safe than sorry!


China Doll said...

Interesting! I know about the superstition of 4 but assumed that buildings like hospitals, government buildings wouldn't bother with it! Pretty sure my hospital has a 4th floor (though it's about the only floor I've not visited!).

Good luck for your next scan! xx

Summastarlet said...

Wow that is very interesting! Love hearing about other cultures superstitions and things like that. Thanks for sharing! xx

luckyme said...

Interesting...like our number 13, often hospital beds and cubicles go 11, 12, 14, 15 etc.

luckyme said...

P.S. Sorry to hijack this post, I'm locked out of google mail. I've changed my blog to http://ardilla-secreta.blogspot.com/ so you will need to unfollow/refollow (if you want). I will do the same with your blog and see if that helps.

Anonymous said...

That's very superstitious I must say. But better not to jinx with it then. Best of luck for your IUI coming up, Fingers crossed!