Monday, 16 May 2011

The Worst Version of Myself

In the Nora Ephron move You've Got Mail there is an excellent line about becoming 'the worst possible version of yourself,' and I feel that's how I was yesterday. I know my feeling were legitimate and I'm not taking back anything I said, but I do feel bad that I made my friend Chinadoll feel guilty.

I took a moment that should have been purely joyful for her and made it about me - I feel terrible about that.

I think that yesterday was my worst day so far on this journey. What makes me feel worse is knowing that I still have a long road to go. I got another BFN this morning at dpo9-11 (I don't know), so I'll be heading into an injectable IUI cycle later this week I guess.

I may take a little break from the blogs for a while. I'm not sure yet but if you don't 'see' me around, that's why.

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China Doll said...

We've 'talked' this through already so I hope you know that I totally understand your feelings and your post. Thinking of you xx