Thursday, 23 June 2011

2nd Scan Stimming Day 8

'Everything is looking good so far' says Dr K.

In my new attitude of letting him worry about the details, to avoid madness on my part, I'm pretty happy with that assessment. The largest follicle was at 1.2, so I have another 2 days of the Gonal-F at 225. They only gave me a 300 iu pen for tomorrow, which I take as a sign we're nearly there. Still no suppression drugs.

I also had a chest x-ray which I was supposed to have on Monday but I wasn't sure, and had already been there 2 hours so I left. Today was much quieter so I didn't have to wait. The radiology room is the room where they do the HSG so I had some unpleasant flashbacks, but I was only in there 2 minutes so it didn't matter. They did protect my abdomen with a shield thing which was reassuring.

And now onto...

The Curious Case of My Blood Type.

Until last year, I hadn't given my blood type much thought. Then after my ectopic I was given an Anti-D Gamma globulin injection. If you've had one of these then you know it's for if you are Rh negative. If your partner is Rh positive, which most people are, then the baby is also Rh positive. If any of the baby's blood mixes with an Rh negative mother's blood, it creates anti-bodies in the mother that can attack any future pregnancy. The Anti-D injection cleans out any Rh positive blood cells from the mother's blood before any anti-bodies can develop.

This becomes a curious case in that according to my mother neither she nor my father are Rh negative. Therefore I couldn't be. When investigating it further, I discovered that the Basque people in northern Spain, where I was living at the time of the ectopic, have a really high percentage of Rh negative people compared to the rest of Europe. I mentally wrote off the mystery as it being standard medical practice in the region after an ectopic. I then forgot about it.

Until today. After Dr K gave me my instructions for the next couple of days, the nurse drew his attention to something in my paperwork. My apparent Rh negative status. I then remembered about the Anti-D I'd had after my ectopic, and they seemed relieved. I wasn't though. I know that being Rh negative can affect a baby (my younger bro-in-law was born jaundiced because my MIL is Rh negative) but it hadn't occurred to me about the IVF.

I then said about neither of my parents being Rh negative (which I'm fairly sure is their ignorance of it, rather than a fact. Or I'm adopted, which I don't think likely either) and he said they would do a double check of my blood type and also check for any anti bodies in my blood from the ectopic. He said it wouldn't be a problem.

My very quick research into this has been reassuring, and when the time comes I know I'll get the proper care if I have a Rh positive baby. I'm just upset to have another spanner in the reproductive works, and one more thing to worry about when I finally do get pregnant.


China Doll said...

Glad to hear the follies are growing well :) Does this mean your retrieval might be this weekend?! Exciting!

Interesting to read about the RH stuff.. I'm a bit of a geek for genetics and the like so I had a little search about your situation and this link came up (I'm sure there are better info out there too!):

which says you can be RH negative when both parents are positive, as long as they both carry negative and positive genes, then pass on both negatives. So I agree that it's unlikely you were adopted!

But I know what you mean, sometimes it feels like there's always something new that gets thrown at us to put a spanner in the works! xx

Kat said...

I must have missed that when doing my search last year - good to know. I never really thought I was adopted - I look far too much like my father/brother/aunts for that!

Dr K said he will give us 2 days notice for the retrieval. I was hoping it would be Saturday as that works out best for work but I forgot to put in the post that I'm back in for another scan Saturday morning. So I think the earliest retrieval will be Monday morning now. I've got one more 225 shot tomorrow, then Saturday I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Getting closer now..
I don't know much about this genetic stuff but it sounds interesting.

Summastarlet said...

Glad to hear everything is going well with your cycle!!

Happy ICLW! :)

St Elsewhere said...

Very Curious! I hope they repeat the bloodwork to verify your blood group.

Your follicles are doing good. Hope they continue this way.

iclw #36

Sarah S said...

Woo hoo, it's almost go time!!!

I am wishing you the best of luck and lots of mature eggs!!!!

Happy ICLW!!

Sara said...

I've been away for a bit, and haven't been able to keep up on your posts. So, it's a bit too late to say sorry about the IUI BFN, but I really am sorry, so I'll say it anyway.

Having said that, IVF is an exciting new step, and I'm hoping that this will do the trick for you.

I love it that you are posting photos of your Korean meds. The Follitrope photos brought back some great memories for me. Eggbert was a Follitrope baby. I never did the IVF-C HCG trigger, though. My clinic used ovidrel.

Don't stress about the rh situation. Your husband may be a heterozygote (one + allele, one -) in which case your child has a 50% chance of being Rh negative also. And if he/she isn't, your doctors will take care of things.

Best of luck with the cycle!

Kat said...

@St Elsewhere - yes, they are verifying my blood type and Rh status again. The tech who took my blood confirmed it when she was looking over the instructions.
@Sara - I really like to compare the English to the Hanguel, especially when it's the same word. IVF-C becomes 아이브이에프-씨
Thanks everyone else for your encouragement. I'm getting cautiously excited now.

C said...

Keep us updated on the Rh status. I'm negative, my husband and daughter are both positive. I had to get Anti D several times throughout the pregnancy and after the birth, but it wasn't a big deal.

I'm so hopeful that this IVF will work for you! Come on follicles!!

Kat said...

C - good to hear! I'm definitely negative it was confirmed today.