Thursday, 9 June 2011

2WW Day 5

Morning all! Just a quick run down as there isn't much to report right now.
  • I've been POAS to test for the HCG shots disappearing (and also just to see the two lines I confess.) Yesterday I had a very faint line from my Tuesday HCG shot. Today nothing, so I think I'm clear from now on out.
  • I've had some very mild cramping on the left side, but I'm working hard to tell myself it's probably nothing.
  • I'm absolutely shattered as I haven't been sleeping well. The weather is hot suddenly, and I think the HCG shots are interfering with my sleep. Also the cat, who makes it his duty to sleep in any available space on the bed, even if that means I get pushed off. Yes, our cat is incredibly spoiled.
  • It's pseudo-Friday, so I'm really looking forward to my weekend. Also, as my husband has just been paid I get to go to Costco. I love Costco. Last time I went they had these teeny ice-cream makers which I didn't buy, but if they have them again I might pick one up.
  • Yesterday I did some market research (in English). They specifically wanted British people as they were revamping a UK website for a Korean company, but for some reason couldn't go to London for the focus groups. 1 1/2 hours = 200 dollars! Nice.
  • I web-chatted with my insurance company last night (I love that I don't have to call internationally) to check whether they received my claim for the first IUI as it wasn't showing up on the website. They have received it but haven't started processing it. Also I can just send my injectable cycle IUI receipts without having to fill in a new form, as technically it is the same issue that hasn't been resolved.
  • Unfortunately this morning I have to go waaaay across town this morning to take some documents to our head office. They need them by 9.30am so I have to get moving!


China Doll said...

Enjoy your weekend and trip to Costco.. very excited to hear about that! :) xx

Anonymous said...

We have just discovered Costco here in UK. Great store but we would need a bigger freezer =)

Have a great weekend now.

JustHeather said...

Our kitties are very spoiled too! One snuggles right up next to me and the other likes to sleep ON a person. I wiggle too much so she sleeps on hubby.
Have a great weekend.

Kat said...

Luckily for me our cat doesn't like to be 'on' people, so he just sleeps right next to us. And pushes me off the bed.

knitting vixen said...

Mine likes to sleep curled around my head. Very cute, except he sometimes wakes me with his purring- not good at 4am. Also, he sometimes likes to massage me, but his claws are like needles.

Kat said...