Saturday, 11 June 2011

D7pIUI Pointless Grumbling

Some things to grumble about:

Grumble 1: My poor cat, as you can see, is having to wear a cone :-( I discovered a patch of irritated skin on his belly, took him to the vet who shaved the area, gave me some medication for him, and told me he had to wear a cone. He's not loving it, and is being really pathetic.

Grumble 2: I trust my doctor that he has chosen a course of action that has created the best possible conditions/chances to make a baby (assuming that my fallopian tubes are working properly) but I am really hating the after effects of the HCG shots. Every time I have a symptom, and I think 'hmm, maybe...' I have to remind myself that while there isn't enough HCG in my body to show on an hpt, the effects are still showing in my body.

Non-grumble: I bought the ice-cream maker! It's so tiny and cute and I can't wait to try it out.


luckyme said...

Poor cat stuck in a cone. I'm sure he is grateful you have had a little grumble on his behalf. I hope the new toy you have is a good distraction from it all x

marilyn said...

oh no!!! Poor kitty..and poor you too! You are half way there:) Make some ice cream for you and the cat:)

Michele said...

Awe...cute cat...stupid cone! Hope he's better soon.

Darn, I bet those after effects make it hard to tell wht exactly you're feeling.

Hope you have a good time with the icecream maker, it's fun to have a new toy.

China Doll said...

You're allowed to grumble... and hopefully the ice-cream from the new maker can help take the edge off for a little while at least xx

Sushigirl said...

I think you need to open a tin of tuna for the cat and have a bowl of icecream for yourself. Hope you make a nice flavour.

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cutie, hope he is better soon.

I agree with the others, try out the ice-cream maker =)