Sunday, 26 June 2011

Egg Retrieval Tuesday!

We're nearly there. About 14 follies, though some of them are pretty small. The largest was at 1.9 today, others around 1.7. No one at the clinic this morning, so got through really fast. The doc spoke enough English to tell us that it was time to 'pick up' the eggs*. More cetrotide, then off to work.

Trigger (ovidril) tonight at 10pm, then antibiotics starting Monday. Egg retrieval 8am Tuesday morning.

Other great news - I have progesterone gel, so no PIO shots for me! Hurray!

On break at work so have to go.

*I'm not criticising the doctor's lack of English btw. There is no way that I could communicate any of this in Korean.


Aly said...

YAY!!! Congrats on 14 follies, that is great! GL with ER!! I can't wait to hear the fert report!

Guiri de California said...

That's great news. By the way, can you find Gatorade or Powerade there? In my ivf research, I have read that many ladies drink a ton of it after ER to help with bloating, etc. that comes from mass producing eggs. Good luck, girl!

China Doll said...

Great news! And lucky you for not having any prog shots! My friend here is on the gel and it's fine :)

Will be thinking of you - I'm sure it will go brilliantly :) xx

Kat said...

Thanks ladies - yes, I can get Gator.ade and Power.ade and I have been drinking it all week to try to stay hydrated (especially as it has been very hot as well.) I've read conflicting things about whether it is good to prevent bloating and OHSS, but as I believe Gator.ade is a miracle drink with the power to prevent hangovers as well I believe it will work for this as well!
SOme of the follies were small - the smallest was at 0.9, so I don't hold out hope that I'll get 14 eggs!

luckyme said...

What a great number to start with at retrieval, even if some small there are others which sound perfect. All set then! I will be thinking of you Tuesday.

Can you see on your Gatorade/Powerade bottles the caffeine content out of interest?! It's been recommended a lot here for my fluid intake and I can't see ANYTHING on the Spanish label. They are not into RDA or that sort of thing. Website not much more help...perhaps your bottles are clearer?

C said...

So awesome!! 14 is a spectacular number!!! I totally understand the language barrier. My first IVF and FET were in Belarus (Russian speaking). My RE was the only person in the clinic who spoke any English. On his worst day, his English was better than my Russian will ever be.

Good luck and I can't wait for your update!!!

Anonymous said...

yay! I hope retrieval goes well and you get lots of good eggs!

here via ICLW

Kat said...

@luckyme I never thought about caffeine but according to the label it doesn't seem to. However I am trying to read Korean so I might have missed it. According to a quick internet search it doesn't, which makes sense as it is a rehydrating solution and caffeine de-hydrates. You could try mixing salt, sugar and water to make your own if you're not sure (you'd have to google the ratios though)
@C OMG, IVF in Belarus must have been so frightening! I'm really, really lucky with my clinic because they speak English (it was one of the reasons we chose it) but lots of Koreans go there too so I'm not worried about it being an overpriced foreigner's clinic.