Monday, 27 June 2011

An Injection Free Day!

I sat and went through all the instructions from the clinic last night and it hit me: after my trigger last night I don't seem to have any more injections for a while! I don't want to speak to soon, because likely the universe will come and jab me in the belly with a cetrotide shot or something, but it seems to be the case. All I have today is an antibiotic tablet after dinner.

I triggered last night at 10pm, which works out at 34 hours before my retrieval. I'm a bit worried about early ovulation, but I had a cetrotide shot yesterday morning so it should be OK. I am also working on the assumption that my clinic knows what it's doing. My husband freaked me out by suggesting, after I'd done the shots, that one of them had to be done tonight instead of both yesterday.

This is just further proof that when I'm there my husband doesn't actually listen to what the doctor says. Luckily I had the info from the clinic, and the nurse had helpfully written the date on the ovidril boxes.

I have to completely fast tonight from midnight - no food or even water. We're to be at the clinic at 7.40am. The instruction we have is 'remove any makeup and nail polish and also do not wear any valuables or contact lens.' I've read about not wearing any perfume or deodorant or even washing hair on the day, so I'm going to be safe rather than sorry and at least wash my hair this morning rather than tomorrow. Trying to get my husband not to wear aftershave might be a bit more of a challenge (which I will of course win!)

Other than that there isn't much happening. I'm going to work as normal today, but taking tomorrow off (obviously). I have to make sure that I have everything ready for tomorrow's classes so that people can sub me easily.

I won't be updating until after the retrieval now. It really depends on how I'm feeling but I'll try and get the info up tomorrow.


Mrs. E said...

Good luck with the retrieval! And enjoy this injection-free time :)

Guiri de California said...

So excited for you! Hope it goes better than expected. :)

China Doll said...

Good luck! I wondered about taking off nail polish but nobody told me to and I couldn't read the instructions (in Chinese) I was given, so I didn't bother!
Will be thinking of you - I'm sure it will go brilliantly :) xx

Bernadette & Duane said...

Lots of luck to YOU!!! Have a restful recovery:) B

M said...

Lots of luck to you tomorrow! I hope everything goes perfectly for you. :)

ICLW #144

C said...

Yay for an injection free day! Mine was on Sunday and it was bliss. Tonight I'm back on the heparin and starting PIO injects.

I'll be thinking lots of good egg thoughts for you tomorrow. Can't wait for an update!!!

luckyme said...

All the best for collection x

marilyn said...

I hope you enjoyed the no injections:) Do you do estradiol and progesterone now?