Saturday, 4 June 2011

IUI 2 Complete... Almost.

I never want to have to visit my clinic on a Saturday again! Previously if I had to go in on a Saturday I go at 7.30am to avoid the crowds. However there was no way to do that today as the sperm washing takes 2 hours, so from the time my husband called me to say he was done, it meant I couldn't go in until 10.15. Which I knew would be slap-bang in the middle of the busiest period. To get to the sonogram reception you have to walk past the doctor's consultation rooms. There were about 60 people waiting - sitting, standing, with little kids, on the phone, sitting silently. There are four or five doctors on that floor, so not everyone was waiting for my doctor, but it was still absolutely crazy.

Surprisingly I didn't have to wait long for the sonogram. I've clearly been at this too long (all of 3 months) because I could tell that I had ovulated as the black blobs on my ovaries were much smaller and she didn't measure anything. Lining at 1cm! I said 'yay!' and the tech laughed which was nice.

Then the waiting... and waiting... and waiting... I honestly don't mind waiting when I know how long I will have to wait. But when you just sit there and sit there with no information... I got really frustrated because people who had been in sonogram after me went into see the doctor before me. Logically I knew the doctor was trying to clear as many 'quick' patients as he could before doing a procedure, but I was still irritated. One couple were just walking up the stairs when they were called, they hadn't even put their card in the door slot to show they were there, and they were called. And I was just sitting there waiting.

I was also irritated by one of the other couples waiting, or rather by the man of the couple. He kept trying to get his wife to smile by pushing up the sides of her mouth. She kept pushing him off and telling him to stop it. Which he would... for about 20 seconds then he would try again. It really pissed me off as the poor woman clearly just wanted to sit and wait quietly and wonder whether she would ever have a baby and he wasn't allowing her that.

When I finally went into the doctor it was nearly 11am. He looked exhausted, told me I had ovulated, then told me I had to wait for a bed to be ready to have the IUI. More waiting, then they came and asked me for my husband's ID card.

They'd mentioned last time that they needed copies of our Korean ID cards and they had copied mine no problem. I made a point of telling my husband to take his in this morning, which is not a big deal as by law in Korea you have to carry it all the time. He told me that they had taken it away, which he assumed was for copying, then given it back. Clearly they hadn't copied it.

I then got really pissed off, as I irrationally thought they might not do the IUI. What really bugged me was he had been there that morning and they hadn't taken a copy. So I started telling the nurse forcefully that he had brought it and it wasn't my fault. I wasn't yelling but I wasn't too polite either. This is just as Dr K came out of his office.

The nurse took my less than polite tone very well - hopefully she knows how many hormones they have filled me with and excused it. She just smiled and ushered me off to the procedure room, and told me to bring it next time.

The IUI was about as comfortable as an IUI can be, I suppose. I can't think of anyone would every describe an IUI as comfortable. It only hurt a little, and was done very quickly. Dr K said 'I hope this time we make it.' He's also prescribed two HCG shots to aid implantation. One today, one Tuesday.

After the procedure I lay there and cried. I know it's all hormones, but the waiting around got me really het up. I also really, really want this to work, and I know that the odds still suck. Also, because of the HCG shots I will have all kinds of symptoms that could be absolutely nothing.

However, focussing on the negative isn't going to do me any good today, so here are the positives: I had at least 2 follicles at 1.5 and 1.9 on Thursday. I've ovulated. Lining at 1cm. After sperm washing my husbands motility was 99%. I've got 2 HCG shots to aid implantation.

2WW begins.


luckyme said...

Wow lining excellent and a great washed sample too. Sounds v stressful this morning though I hope you can rest now for the rest of the day.

Michele said...

Wow, I would have flipped out on them , and might have even said something to the man in the waiting room too! Too much stress on a day like that.

Hope things go well.

JustHeather said...

What a morning! I would have lost it!
Wishing you a fast and positive 2WW.

marilyn said...

ahhhh! sounds like a stressful day!! Not a good time at all! I am so sorry you had to go throuh that! Sending lots of baby dust:)
hugs and sorry I have not been a very good blogger..I have been so tired lately..but I am back to be a supportive friend:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being PUPO! Hope your 2ww is less stressfull than the doctor's office on Saturday!

lostintranslation said...

Sorry you had to wait so long but glad in the end it all went well. Thinking sticky thoughts for you! Good luck with the next wait...

SurlyMama said...

Good Luck!

China Doll said...

Something about your clinic sounds so familiar.. now, what could it be? ;) Sorry, only joking! I know how frustrating the waiting is, plus we had the same issue on our 1st IUI because my husband didn't have his passport with him. But you're right.. it all went well.. great stats, plus the HCG! Fingers crossed! xx

Anonymous said...

Well. you shouldn't need to add any more stress than the actual procedure and the whole deal of doing fertility treatment. Glad it's done for you. Fingers crossed!