Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Like Crack...

I was just reviewing the posts for this 2WW and man, am I being repetitive! I feel down, I don't have faith in the IUI working, yadda yadda yadda. Don't bother commenting about being allowed to feel however I want during a 2WW, I know that, but I don't need to subject you all to my constant whining. (However this is not a promise that I won't moan again in the future, just not for the rest of this 2WW) It's looking like a failed cycle at this point (another BFN today) so it's time to adjust and move on.

edited to add - it looks like AF has just shown up this morning after I wrote this post, again 10 days post IUI, so there you go.

Time to change the record.

At the weekend I did something bad. Something really, really bad. No, I didn't drink a bottle of vodka or kick a puppy. Or kick a puppy while drinking a bottle of vodka. Instead it was so bad I'm not sure I can forgive myself.

Things are ticking along with our insurance payment for the first IUI, and apparently the first claim has been 'paid,' though I've yet to see the money in my account (the paperwork goes to the UK, they process it slooowly, then convert the claim amount into GBP, then they should be paying it into my UK bank account by transfer. If a GBP cheque shows up here in Korea I will be very angry!)*

Anyway, we're likely to see some of the money for testing and the first IUI back soon. This has made me positive about things as I now believe that we will actually be able to afford the fairly inevitable IVF cycle on the horizon.**

So what was it I did? On Saturday morning I dragged by husband up the the 8th floor of the Lotte Department Store to look at... buggies (strollers, for those of you who don't speak British)

Buggies are like crack for me at the moment. Seriously. Despite my belief in the failure of this particular cycle, fantasy shopping for buggies is making me feel better. I guess it's like the 'One day...' dreaming my husband does with Ferraris. I know that the chances of me one day getting a buggy are much higher than him getting a Ferrari.

Part of it for me is forward planning. Can we afford this? How much money do we have to save to get what we want? The good news is that we can afford a buggy. The other news, which had me screeching and shocking the sales woman at this weird foreigner who doesn't appear to be pregnant.

They have the buggy I want. Exactly the model.

If you live in your home country, this won't come as a surprise. But living out here it can be difficult to get the international brands that you want. (Brits - there is no Marmite here.) The bad news is the price. It is waaaay more expensive than it would be in the UK or US.

Time to start saving I guess...

*I know that I'm very, very lucky to have any kind of insurance cover for treatment so shouldn't be complaining about speed, but as I stupidly sent all the original receipts in the international mail without the mail-tracking option I was getting worried that they'd been lost.

**As above, I know I'm very lucky to be able to afford IVF relatively easily, but you should know that we moved to Korea because the IVF was cheap. If it had been through the roof expensive we would be living elsewhere right now. We are sacrificing living anywhere near our families for this.


China Doll said...

So sorry that it's looking like this cycle hasn't worked out :( I just read your last post too and my Bloke is much the same.. assume everything is going fine and it's going to work until there is hard evidence it isn't.. only then is he happy to discuss future options.
As for the buggy crack - what's wrong with being hopeful? Hope manifests itself in different ways and maybe this is how it shows itself in you, when you need it most. Thinking of you xx

Anonymous said...

You are so brave even venturing into the baby paraphernalia department in stores! I’ve had to resort to buying all baby shower gifts online because I get myself all worked up every time I go into those sections of the store.

luckyme said...

Enjoy your buggy browsing habit I say!

I'm glad you can claim some of your treatment. We used our health cover for some preliminary tests which saved a few pesos but like you living here is a sacrifice at time and no MARMITE either...!

Sorry to see the recent post re. BFN. I know you wanted to discuss the what ifs with DH, I hope you can have the chat now and that any money coming your way will help with the plan...even if it's a buggy buying plan.

BTW people don't really use them here they carry babies and toddlers (big ones too). Different.

Guiri de California said...

Hello. I'm de-lurking. I am a fellow EP survivor, and also intentionally moved to a country (Turkey) where IVF isn't $25,000 (like in my home state of California). In fact, we'll be starting our first, and hopefully, successful round of IVF in a few weeks-all at the reasonable price of $3,600 USD. In any case, I wish you lots of luck in the meantime, and I am sorry that you got a BFN this cycle. :(

Ang M said...

Oi linky link for your buggy of choice? I want to see what you found =)