Tuesday, 28 June 2011


We got 7 eggs which was a few less than I would have liked but still good. I'm still really hoping for enough embies to do one fresh cycle and one FET but it depends on the quality of course and how many the doc recommends putting back.

When we got there at 7.40 there was no one there. No one waiting, no one behind the desk, and no signs in English. We hung around for about five minutes and then another couple showed up. After about another 5 minutes a nurse arrived. The other woman went in first, then me 5 minutes later. My doctor does egg retrieval/transfer between 8-9am so I think there were only 3 of us at the time.

I then changed into a very unflattering gown and hairnet/shower cap. Up in an elevator. Then waiting in a very nice room, where they hooked me up to an IV drip and it hit me that I was having surgery. I've only ever had surgery one other time which was when I had my ectopic. Luckily I didn't have to wait long. Into the room, up in the stirrups, saw the nurse putting the needle into my IV.

Next thing I know I was waking up. After a little while they put some headphones on me and I listened to classical music. The nurse told me the egg count, then, and sorry if TMI, pulled out all the gauze they had packed... uh... the surgical area with. As I hadn't been aware of the gauze, it came as quite a shock!

On the way back downstairs to get dressed I started seeing spots, then by the time I was at the lockers I was pretty sure I was about to faint. They put me in a break room on the sofa for about 20min.

After that went out, where my husband was waiting. Got given my progesterone gel instructions, and told to come back on Friday for transfer. They also said my husband's sample was 'all OK.' I'm not worried too much about fertilisation as my clinic does ICSI if needed ('which may incur an additional payment'), but I'm worried about abnormalities or the embryos arresting before Friday.

Went to the Coffee Bean across the street in the obstetrics hospital my clinic is part of and got a really sugary ice blended coffee thing with whipped cream. I don't usually drink them, I'm much more a straight coffee/latte girl, but I really felt like the sugar/ice combo. I also figured that as it was in the hospital if I fainted someone could help.

Headed home after a bit, got in bed for a couple of hours and took painkillers. Now in the living room watching TV. Hoping I'll be OK to go to work tomorrow.

Please send any fertilisation vibes you can spare to my eggs, c/o Cha Clinic, Yeoksam-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea.


marilyn said...

deja vu!!! Me too! i got seven and hey..I am pregnant!! keep us posted! I am super super excited right now for you! ahhhhh!

Mrs. E said...


Michele said...

New lucky number 7!

This is happening so fast, When do they transfer them back?

Guiri de California said...

Congrats on your Super Seven! May they grow strong and healthy!

China Doll said...

Yes, lucky seven! Great number! Glad it went smoothly.. hope you're feeling OK now. Take it easy if you do go back to work tomorrow.. I found I had to work very slowly and a bit awkwardly the day after! Sending you good fert vibes! xx

Summastarlet said...

7 is a great number!! I am glad the EPU went smoothly. I hope you are feeling alright. I know I felt pretty yuk for the rest of the day and by the next day I felt a lot better.
Hoping to hear more good news as you progress to transfer!! xx

C said...

Hooray for 7!!! I hear it's the egg retrieval number of the week for all of the awesome expat ladies ;)

Thinking all the very best fert thoughts for you!!!!

luckyme said...

7 is really great! Time to rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went well. Get lots of rest now, you'll need it. Exciting times ahead!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the seven! It's a lucky number. :-) Try to take it easy and take good care of yourself until Friday. Crossing my fingers that you have enough for an FET as well!