Monday, 20 June 2011

Stimming Day 5... First Scan

I woke up late this morning - it's so hot that I keep waking up in the night, then find it difficult to get up in the morning. I then sat and read blogs for about 30 minutes. Heather at Battlefish has lost her mother suddenly to a heart attack yesterday and it really threw me. As a result I completely mistimed getting to the clinic so I had to rush. It's nearly 30 degrees C here, even at 9.30 in the morning, so by the time I got there I was gross and sweaty.

I needn't have bothered rushing. It being Monday it was mega-busy and I had to wait at every turn. I forgot to mention that this is a holiday week at work so I don't have class, otherwise I would have got really stressed.

Ultrasound: she didn't really measure very many, which got me in a bit of a panic, but the ones she did measure were all around 0.8 and 0.9 so at least so far they are growing evenly. Loooong wait to see Dr K. He told me that the follies were 'just starting growing.' I asked him how many we are shooting for and he said 10, but he gave no indication how many I had this morning. Too early to tell I guess. I think I like this low level of information approach, as I otherwise would have too much to obsess over. Ignorance, while not bliss, does seem to give me a level of calm.

As I said, I was in a bit of a panic after the lack of measuring at the ultrasound, and was mentally preparing myself for the worst case scenario, which at the moment is the cycle being cancelled. Dr K is really good at being reassuring though.

Then something that I didn't expect that was equally reassuring. Because the egg retrieval is done under a general anaesthetic, I had to have another load of tests this morning to make sure it would be alright I assume. Which... guess what... I had to wait ages to have. Blood, urine, EKG.  The blood was the worst part, as when I sat down she looked at my paper and then started picking out the little tubes. And just kept on picking them out. Seven in total which I know isn't really a lot but as I was expecting just one or two watching her just getting more and more of them was alarming.

Also, did I mention I didn't eat breakfast this morning?

I then sat for 5 minutes after the blood, feeling a bit light-headed, had the EKG, and then got my Gonal-F pen. The nurse did my jab today in the injection room (it was nearly 12 by then, which is 2 hours after I'm supposed to do them each day, though apparently it doesn't matter too much if one or two of them are at the wrong time).

I'm still only on 225 of Gonal F for 3 days (including today) No suppression drugs yet. In on Thursday for another scan.

So, while my follicles may or may not be developing enough, things are still moving ahead. I'm telling myself that they wouldn't bother to do the pre-anaesthesia checks if things were looking disastrous.

If you get a moment, please go and see Heather and show some support at this difficult time.


China Doll said...

Sounds like the follies are going well :) though you're very patient not to ask how many they were (I'm too much of a control freak for that!).

Good that you got all your pre-retrieval checks out of the way too.

Enjoy your week off :) xx

Kat said...

I sort of tried to ask when I asked how many we were shooting for, but he is an expert evader sometimes. He's probably tired of people saying 'why didn't you do something to make that 9th follicle grow!' that he doesn't tell people any more.

I used to be a control freak, I really did, but then I moved to Korea.

Bernadette & Duane said...

I love the low information approach! I remember my first cycle I wanted to know everything tiny last detail about everything. All it did was add to my stress level. I have learned that all that matters is the end result and sometimes, the beginning results are very poor indicators of what that will be. Have a stress free week (as much as you can;)!

luckyme said...

As you know from all my Jan posts my clinic didn't give much away either and at first scan, 'just everything looked good' and like you I began to feel quite calm leaving it to them. Enjoy your time off work x

Anonymous said...

Ouch for the big blood drawn. But yay for growing follicles =)

Michele said...

That's a lot of blood, and without eating, I would for sure have passed out. I hope his evasion of information is a positive thing.

Kat said...

I think rather than evading it's more that there wasn't much to say at the moment. I guess if I wasn't responding they would have updated the dosage of the stimms. I hope so anyway!

C said...

Very excited that you are cycling right now! Thinking the very, very best for you!!

JustHeather said...

Thank you for thinking of me.
We just got back home and are trying to get settled back into life. I'm extremely tired and have slept off and on today. This heat isn't helping much either, although I do like it. :) Thank you again. We are doing ok.