Tuesday, 5 July 2011

4dp3dt 2WW

Last night I went down a dangerous path. I spent a good half an hour googling success rates, and then tracked down this website which was advertised in the UK about a year ago which apparently predicts the statistical success of a single IVF cycle based on all cycle success information gathered in the UK. It takes into account all cycles, including those which are cancelled before transfer.

I knew it was a mistake, but I did it anyway. It's a very dangerous website during the 2WW!

I feel less negative today, though the waiting is already becoming very difficult. One week to beta. Today hopefully at least one of the little dudes should be continuing to hatch and starting to attach. Please, please let this be happening.


China Doll said...

Keeping everything crossed for you! xx

Anonymous said...

I hope to high heavens a little buggar has found a comfy spot in there, and prepared for a lovely journey, departing only when expected in 9mths!!

Evil evil Dr Google!!

knitting vixen said...

Tried commenting yesterday but Blogger seems to be playing up.

Good luck with your 2ww, I am waiting intently and hoping you get the good news you deserve.

JustHeather said...

You can do it! Stay strong during this next week and no more Googling! lol.

ps. I'm wondering if the Disqus-commenting application is worth it. It is nice to be able to reply to individual comments, but I just wonder how much trouble it is giving people. :( I want my comments!

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

KC said...

I came accross your blog when I saw you post on someones blog. It sounds like we will have the same Beta date. I will be following and I am sending you positive vibes.