Monday, 18 July 2011

Here Comes the Sun.

I really feeling bullet points right now, so bullets it will be:

  • It has stopped raining! Thank you universe. I know the alternative, 30 degree C weather with high humidity, is going to p*ss me off within about 2 days (if it didn't already yesterday) but it's still better than it being wet and gross all the time.
  • I had so much energy over the weekend. I have been so used to being on some kind of stimming drug month after month. It's really good not to be taking anything.
  • I'm weaning myself back onto blogs again. I actually read an interesting post the other day with the valid point that having a baby isn't a race. Just because other people are pregnant, and it is something that I want, doesn't mean that I need to be racing to join them. Things happen at different times for different people. Still can't read about beta tests and pregnancy updates though.
  • I've been mildly obsessing about my 'wasted' embryos, which in my mind basically didn't have a chance because my cycle had been shortened so much, maybe by the trigger shot. Of course, there was no way of Dr K knowing this, and IVF is a diagnostic process as well as a treatment, so this is something to learn from. If we end up doing another fresh cycle, then we'll deal with that then.
  • Of course, we don't know that the shortened cycle doomed my embryos. IVF has only a 30% success rate per cycle.
  • I've started a 4 month training course at work which will keep me busy between now and the FET (in fact the end of it will overlap, but it'll be OK) I also have 3 weeks of vacation coming up next month, but as my husband does not, I'm going to do some overtime for two weeks. I wasn't sure until recently because I didn't know about the timing of everything. Now I'm just continually calculating how much extra money I'll earn and smiling. I'm thinking about going away for the week remaining, but it will be without my husband so I'm unsure as last time I did that I missed him terribly.
  • My husband has a new job. He really hates his current job, it doesn't suit him, so he's/I'm really happy. He was going through the application during the IVF and I made the comment that if only one of them could work out, it would be much better for us in the long run if it was the job that did. Of course, once he got the offer I felt like I'd doomed the cycle with my comment, but I'm not as superstitious as that really.
  • My cat is being super lazy in the heat and spending nearly all of his time sleeping.
  • We're moving! To the apartment upstairs! Easiest move ever. I looked around the neighbourhood a little, but the places I saw were as nice as the upstairs apartment and were the same price, so it makes sense to stay in the building with the same owner.


China Doll said...

Hope your move goes well - I've started looking at apartments online and feeling very excited :)

What's your training course? xx

Kat said...

I'd advise waiting til you get here to make a decision as there are so few English language websites for apartments. Are you still thinking about gangnam? Email me if you have any questions about neighborhoods etc etc.

I'm doing a young learners extension with trinity.

Guiri de California said...

I like your bullet points. I like the vibe of this post. Way to get up again and dust yourself off. :) I wish you so much luck during your next attempt, and truly hope that you may not need it, but instead will get that proverbial "relaxed, not-even-thinking-about-ttc-bfp" before then.

Kat said...

The thought has crossed my mind about the miracle bfp, and I really wish it hadn't as I really don't want the stress of it for a couple of months. Perhaps we'll use contraception.

Sushigirl said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit brighter. It sometimes feels as if life should stop after a failed cycle, but then sooner or later you get back on track.

Anonymous said...

'Things happen at different times for different people.' Very true and time is tricky to contemplate around. It can be so confusing in itself. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better.

And many congrats to your husband on the new job.