Saturday, 2 July 2011


If you read my incredibly rambling, valium-induced post yesterday, you'll hopefully remember that we had surprise ICSI. We hadn't been told that there was a motility issue (in fact the doctor has said previously that dh's motility is in the upper range), and we hadn't paid for it either. Honestly I think they were trying to make as many embryos as possible as quickly as possible, which I am grateful for, but still: Surprise!

Anyway, I got a call from the clinic a couple hours after I came home yesterday saying that we were going to have to pay for it when I go in for the beta.

We were joking around about how actually we don't have to pay them because we're already got the embryos transferred, so we don't need anything from them anymore*! Then my husband says something to the effect of:

'Well, they have still got some of our children.'

I cracked up. Help, they're holding our children hostage in the freezer! We have to pay the ransom for our embryos if we ever want to see them again!

I love it.

In other non-silly news, today has been okay (isn't that a song used in Grey's Anatomy when Mere was like nearly exploded or something. Or fell in the sea and nearly drowned. I can't remember. I'm sure Patrick Dempsey made his 'stricken' face though.)

I've had cramping today that was worse than yesterday. Dr Internet-Fertility-Forum informs me that this is a combination of side effects from the progesterone gel (which is fine btw and better than an injection) and just my insides settling after the battering they've taken over the last few weeks. It's more concentrated on one side, the side where I had the ectopic, but thinking about it it's often that side that I get pain after a procedure.

I also made a cake, something which I haven't done in ages. I made a classic Victoria Sandwich (slightly-vanilla flavour  sponge cake with cream and raspberry jam filling for non-Brits or non-WI obsessives) though I cheated a bit and used Delia Smith's All-In-One Sponge Recipe. (Non-Brits: Delia is the Julia Child or Martha Stewart of Britain - she also owns a football team, oddly).

I've been pretty positive today, though honestly I don't feel that different and I'm thinking more about cramping than the little dudes floating about. I did talk to them a little today about their older cousin's unique name, though when we talked about it we realised that all of the cousins have fairly unique names, and our child probably won't be any different.

I've also spent most of the last two days on the sofa watching The Rachel Zoe Project which I downloaded after catching a couple of episodes on TV. I've worked my way through most of the episodes now. I know it's trash, but I wanted something mindless to watch after the crazy week. I am now talking like a reality-TV person y'know? I have also been for a walk both days.

*I know, I know, we're on the wrong side of statistics here and a successful transfer does not a successful pregnancy make. We were joking around. I'm not counting embryos before they hatch.


Anonymous said...

Haha this made me laugh. Thanks.

Kristen {} said...

Congrats on being in the 2WW! Hope it goes well for you. I always seem to make cakes in the 2WW too...partly because it's a good distraction, partly because I'm not as strict with what I eat when I'm cycling as I normally am...cake gets enjoyed guilt-free...

JustHeather said...

Sometimes during the 2WW it's either laugh, cry, scream or something else time... So, making jokes is definitely useful and helpful. :) Besides, my hubby does it all the time anyway.
Good luck and calm 2WW vibes being sent your way.