Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Fur Baby

I have been inspired by Heather at Battlefish to write a blog post about my fur baby. I posted about him when we first adopted him, but I don't expect many of you have read about him. I have also become something of a cat photographer, so I want to show off my pictures.

Meet Patxi:

Aka: Patxito, Patxicat, Mr Mo, Mubsy

We adopted Patxi from the animal hospital near our house. We were originally going to call him Pinxto, which means 'tapas' in Basque, but when we got him and saw his markings (he's patchy!) we decided to call him Patxi, which means 'Frank' in Basque.

He's a former street cat, and we sometimes see his brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces around our neighbourhood. He, and they, are mostly white with a giant ginger streak down their backs. When we got him he had some scabs on his paws and legs, and it was in the middle of a bitterly cold winter. We think someone took him in to the vets because he'd got injured in the cold. Poor puss.

Also when we got him he had brown rings around his eyes, which we thought were part of his markings.

But he gets a lot of sleep gunk in his eyes, which is brown. The rings around his eyes in the picture are from that, as it had never been cleaned properly before we got him. If you see the first picture he doesn't have them any more. Over several weeks it gradually came off, and nowadays he lets me just remove the dried gunk with my finger (usually!)

He's not a lap cat, and never has been. He will tolerate being picked up for a short time, usually when we first get in, and we get purry cuddles, but he prefers to just come and sit next to us. He sleeps on the bed at night. If we pet him too much he's a biter, plus sometimes he'll give a nip or two affectionately.

He hates water, and shouts to wake the dead when he's washed (which I did earlier this evening). He gets washed about once every two months. He also has really thick fur. Here's a gross picture of one of our chairs after I gave him a good going over with the special de-hairing brush. Sorry, it's really gross.

I cleaned it immediately after taking this picture!

I realise from re-reading this that I've made him sound really unfriendly. He's actually super friendly, and comes running to the door when we come in. I spend a lot of time (not quite as much as googling IVF stats!) googling signs that he loves us, and all signs point to yes!

We love our Patxito!


Lora said...

Adorable! He sounds like he loves you bunches!

JustHeather said...

What a sweet boy! I love it that you've also rescued your boy. They seem to know it and appreciate it more.
Our Rusty has goobery eyes all the time and he lets us clean them too. He doesn't like it when I wet down the tissue though. He has allergies.

If you ever want a book to let you know how much your cat loves you and what you can do to make him even happier, try checking out Pam Bennett-Johnson's How to Think Like a Cat and other books. She's very cat-savvy.

China Doll said...

Super cute!

luckyme said...

He's lovely. The first post I ever read on your blog featured Patxi. I love cats. Living here is the first time I have been without one. You're so right cats show love in different ways and it's lovely to spot the signs!

C said...

He is beautiful, and such a lucky boy to have a home with you!

knitting vixen said...

Lovely lovely fur baby... so cute :)
I must do a blog about my fur babies (they're brothers)