Friday, 1 July 2011

Valium or The Most Boring Transfer Ever

Transfer complete!

2 little dudes transferred, and another three in the freezer. I could not be happier with that number. I was so worried that we would have none 'in the bank' and if we're unsuccessful this time I'd have to go through the whole thing again.

The most defining feature of the transfer: boredom. After waiting half an hour to go in, they then gave me 2 valium 'for [my] comfort' and then told me to sleep. Uhhh... no, that's not going to happen. Once I'm awake in the morning I'm awake. And things like valium and sleeping tablets just don't work on me. I have to be really tired to sleep in the day. So instead I just lay there for what seemed like forever waiting while they did all of the egg collection ladies. The surgical schedule is egg collection first, then transfer. And of the transfer ladies.... guess who went last. Uh-huh - me. I would have preferred they told me to turn up an hour later and just let me go more or less straight in. I guess the only positive of the valium was that instead of getting pissed off about waiting I just got more and more bored. Also, there were no clocks (I hate no clocks).

Maybe valium doesn't relax me, it just makes me really bored.

The good news was that I didn't have to have a full bladder for the transfer. When they finally wheeled me in and got me in position, I had already been to the bathroom twice. And thank goodness, because they pressed really, really hard with the ultrasound thingy. Dr K told me to look at the screen, where because I didn't have my glasses on I could just see two faint little circles. But those were our embies. Then he did the 'look at the white thing' on the screen, which again I couldn't really see, but I assume that he knows the embies went in OK.

They did use 'some' ICSI because of some 'sluggish' motility and 'to save time.' I expect it's because of only having 7 eggs - they wanted to make as many embies as possible. As I've been writing this post they just called me and said I will have to pay when I go in for my beta test.

They told me about the freezies then too, and Dr K said 'for brothers and sisters' in the future. Let's hope so.

I was then wheeled back to wait for another hour. I complained to the nurse about being bored and she gave me the classical music earphones I'd had after the retrieval. I tried to visualise the future with my baby, but instead was really distracted by the poor woman in the next bed who was crying and in a lot of pain. I'm not going to post exactly why (which I overheard) but she has to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

Post transfer instructions: no heating pads on my stomach. Continue with the progesterone gel. That's it. So I'm going on a major vodka bender for the next two nights, and then going bungee jumping. After that I'm going to kick-boxing and running a 10K. (In case you can't tell, I'm joking - if it's not funny, blame the valium.)

Back on the 12th for a blood test.

I feel like I should feel different. I know I'm happy, especially with having some freezies, but I just feel normal (valium?) rather than ecstatic or glowing or maternal or whatever.  I am so grateful to get to this point, I really am, but as this blog is supposed to be an honest account of my journey my feeling relatively nothing is something I want to share.

But the two little dudes are in and hopefully finding a nice place to settle in. OK, I'm actually crying a little now, so maybe the valium is wearing off!


Michele said...

Ok, time for those embies to implant and grow, come on little embies!!

Guiri de California said...

You did it! You are technically pregnant now! That's exciting, right? Good luck on the TWW-expect nothing but good things to come out of this.

China Doll said...

Yay, 5 is a great number of embies and so glad the transfer went well, if a little boring! I didn't feel any different after either, so I wouldn't worry about that.
Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you xx

Anonymous said...

Great news. Funny they give valium over there. I missed that one. Hope you can rest during the weekend now. And no bungee jumping ok!

Kat said...

And I was so looking forward to the bungee jumping as well!

C said...

Five is a great number!! Congrats! Hope the terrific two are settling in for a long 9 months.

luckyme said...

That's really great it all went well and you have another 'try' in the bank too. Wonderful news. And another short wait until the blood test, I would love to shave 4 days of my 2WWs. Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. E said...

I'm glad it went well! Stick, babies, stick!

Anonymous said...

Glad things were boring! I think "boring" to describe any sort of invasive procedure is good news. :-) Crossing my fingers for you that the little guys hang in!

Kat said...

I never really though of it as invasive - it's pretty similar to an IUI in terms of discomfort. I think having it so close of the heals of the retrieval makes it seem much easier.

knitting vixen said...

wow, really interesting post... I hope it worked for you :-)