Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hope and Fears

I'm still several weeks away from my FET transfer but I'm getting excited already. While the odds are middling I still feel that this really could be it. I hate writing those words down, as if I am jinxing something, but I also know, logically and rationally, that whether I hope or not, whether I write it down or not, the odds are pretty much the same.

Next month is Chuseok, which is often translated to Korean Thanksgiving, but is actually more like a harvest festival/family day. It's very early this year, Sept 12-13th, which is too early for my FET transfer, but during the night I woke up panicked that we would have to delay until October because of the holiday and I was unable to make the calculations in my head as to when it should be. I have put IF and treatments so far out of my head that I can't even calculate my cycle at the moment. I've been getting some mild cramping, which makes me panic that AF will come early and then the transfer will fall on the public holiday. But it all should be fine, my cycle is quite long naturally.

I've been on holiday this week and I'm working hard not to think about work. I have also thought about my priorities for the next few months.

  • Spend less time in the office when I can. I tend to go in way before I need to, so I'm going to try to be realistic about how long I really need to be there.
  • Do less overtime; my husband's new job pays a bit better, and he will have ample opportunity to do overtime himself (though he'll still be working less than his last job).
  • Eat more healthily.
  • Cook more, so we eat out less. Eating out I tend to choose less healthy choices and more often than not I will drink beer or wine (not during a 2WW of course)
  • Try to keep exercising. I still have three weeks until transfer. I'm not doing much but it's better than nothing. I need to speak to my doc about this when I see him in a few weeks but I expect that some light walking or cycling during the 2WW will be OK.
  • Try to get my cat healthier. He's chubby and needs to run around more.
Next post next week. Good luck everyone mid cycle!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

One Month to Go til FET!

More or less anyway.

Things have been ticking over pretty nicely. I've been working overtime which is making the time pass quickly. Last week I started going to the gym and I'm hoping to get in a little better shape before my FET in a months time. The trouble is working overtime I seem to always forget to take healthy snacks with me and end up eating unhealthy snacks such as donuts.

It has finally really stopped raining here and is really, really hot. I walked for nearly two hours across the city yesterday (there was no direct bus/subway and I didn't want to change) and bought some more bits and pieces for our flat. I really love this cheap Japanese store called Daiso which is all over town. It has lots of colourful ceramics, which are great because all the walls in my apartment are white.

We have one month to go before the FET. I'm getting cautiously excited.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Various and Sundry

Updates from Seoul...

  • Been working like crazy the last week. This is officially a holiday week, but as I wasn't going away and I'm not in the middle of a cycle I took the opportunity to do some overtime. I'm teaching a lot and doing some testing as well, so I'm pretty tired right now.
  • I met up with a fellow blogger who recently moved to Seoul this afternoon for coffee. I was a little bit nervous - being IF bloggers, we obviously knew a lot about each other's quite personal business. It seemed to go well (I hope!) and it's always nice to put a face to a 'voice.'
  • I've had a bad Facebook week with lots of pregnancy announcements. Hidden a couple of people.
  • We finally had some nice weather today - the last few days it's been monsoon-style raining.
  • I'm hoping this weekend I will get around to putting up some pictures and photos about the place.
  • My husband and I had a nice game of scrabble on the balcony (we love scrabble).
That's all folks!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

CD1 and I'm Happy

It's CD1. Yay! This puts my cycle length this time at 31 days, which is consistent with where it's been at naturally for the last year. With no new drugs in my system, and my body recovering from an IVF cycle, I've come in at a normal cycle length for me.

I knew we hadn't beaten the odds this month. I took a hpt on CD28, knowing that if I were, it would have shown up by then. I wasn't, so it didn't, so it was just a case of waiting for the witch to arrive.

By yesterday I was starting to worry a little that I was going to have a longer cycle than normal. My doctor considered this last cycle to still be part of the IVF, to see how my body recovers from the drug-controlled (or uncontrolled in my case) cycle. I was worrying about it stretching on for weeks and weeks.

Now I have to wait for one more whole cycle, before my FET next cycle. Hopefully my body will play ball and it will be around 30 days as well. While FET usually has a lower success rate than fresh (around 25% as far as I can see) it's still the best chance we've probably had so far. I know now that it was a mistake to dive head first into the IVF so quickly. My body was worn out from so much stimulation. I should have taken a break. I'm glad to be having one now.

 I'm pretty sure I will be updating weekly, as I have been doing so far.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


So many things I've been blogging about recently have been related to weather. It's not that there is nothing going on, in fact I'm mega busy, just that we've been having such extremes of weather that affect our everyday lives so much, that it's often all that I can think about.

This week is no exception. It started off variable, we had some rain (though nothing compared to last week, and yesterday was about the hottest day I've experienced in a while. I also had a deathly hangover from a work event the night before. It was absolutely the day to go shopping for vases.

Oh yeah, we moved last weekend. We moved from the ground floor to the first of the same building (first to second following the AmE way of describing these things) so we traipsed up and down the stairs again and again in hot, humid weather. Luckily we didn't have too much furniture to move.

Anyway, on unpacking our stuff I noticed that nearly everything we own is functional. This is not surprising, as we move every year or so, often internationally, and so having decorative items is not always practical. However we've been here for a year, we're now here for sure for another two years (with dh's new job, the contract is for two years) possibly three. Also we make a decent living now (not massively rich, but 'comfortable') and my company has a shipping provision for moving if we decide to go to another country with them (again, not massive, but enough to take the pressure off a little).

The point of this is that yesterday I decided to go and buy some decorative items. My intention was to buy a small vase for a table on our balcony, and a colourful ceramic set of mini-drawers for the top of a book shelf in the living room which I've had my eye on in a shop nearby for a while.

About a half mile from my house is a street of 'antique' shops. They have a mix of antiques and basically just junk. So I went over there in the blistering heat (using the umbrella in my bag as a parasol - yes, it really is that hot) to find them all closed. I wasn't too annoyed, as it wasn't really that far to go, but I was disappointed.

There is a pottery shop on the way back to my house which I had never been in. It's in a basement (like a lot of shops here) and I've only ever walked past the stairs going down. It had a lot of traditional Korean ceramics, which are green and kind of bulbous, but alas, no small vase for the table. Then in the corner I spied a small number of tall, thin vases of different heights. None of which were right for my table, all of which I wanted!

I spent ages looking at them, and in the end bought a 'matched' pair which I had no idea where I was going to put in the apartment.

They are matched in that they are day and night. The day one has ducks at the bottom which represents happiness in marriage and fidelity, because a mandarin duck does not take another mate if it's mate dies. The fish on the night one represents wealth, the flowers, wisdom. They were a lot more than I had intended to spend, but they are hand painted, and I fell in love with them. I still have no idea where to put them.

I did manage to buy the decorative drawers, but ended up getting a much smaller set than I had originally thought, on account of spending so much on the vases.

Have a good week everyone. I'm not updating as frequently nor reading others blogs as much as I need a break from thinking about IF and treatments. I'm also really busy at work.