Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hope and Fears

I'm still several weeks away from my FET transfer but I'm getting excited already. While the odds are middling I still feel that this really could be it. I hate writing those words down, as if I am jinxing something, but I also know, logically and rationally, that whether I hope or not, whether I write it down or not, the odds are pretty much the same.

Next month is Chuseok, which is often translated to Korean Thanksgiving, but is actually more like a harvest festival/family day. It's very early this year, Sept 12-13th, which is too early for my FET transfer, but during the night I woke up panicked that we would have to delay until October because of the holiday and I was unable to make the calculations in my head as to when it should be. I have put IF and treatments so far out of my head that I can't even calculate my cycle at the moment. I've been getting some mild cramping, which makes me panic that AF will come early and then the transfer will fall on the public holiday. But it all should be fine, my cycle is quite long naturally.

I've been on holiday this week and I'm working hard not to think about work. I have also thought about my priorities for the next few months.

  • Spend less time in the office when I can. I tend to go in way before I need to, so I'm going to try to be realistic about how long I really need to be there.
  • Do less overtime; my husband's new job pays a bit better, and he will have ample opportunity to do overtime himself (though he'll still be working less than his last job).
  • Eat more healthily.
  • Cook more, so we eat out less. Eating out I tend to choose less healthy choices and more often than not I will drink beer or wine (not during a 2WW of course)
  • Try to keep exercising. I still have three weeks until transfer. I'm not doing much but it's better than nothing. I need to speak to my doc about this when I see him in a few weeks but I expect that some light walking or cycling during the 2WW will be OK.
  • Try to get my cat healthier. He's chubby and needs to run around more.
Next post next week. Good luck everyone mid cycle!


Baby Craving said...

Sounds like a good list of thigs to get some more balance in your life... i'm sure the cat will be looking fab in no time too!

Michele said...

Way to have a plan for the next couple weeks, good way to keep your mind occupied as much as possible while you wait. I'm hoping this will be a much better cycle for you.