Thursday, 18 August 2011

Various and Sundry

Updates from Seoul...

  • Been working like crazy the last week. This is officially a holiday week, but as I wasn't going away and I'm not in the middle of a cycle I took the opportunity to do some overtime. I'm teaching a lot and doing some testing as well, so I'm pretty tired right now.
  • I met up with a fellow blogger who recently moved to Seoul this afternoon for coffee. I was a little bit nervous - being IF bloggers, we obviously knew a lot about each other's quite personal business. It seemed to go well (I hope!) and it's always nice to put a face to a 'voice.'
  • I've had a bad Facebook week with lots of pregnancy announcements. Hidden a couple of people.
  • We finally had some nice weather today - the last few days it's been monsoon-style raining.
  • I'm hoping this weekend I will get around to putting up some pictures and photos about the place.
  • My husband and I had a nice game of scrabble on the balcony (we love scrabble).
That's all folks!

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knitting vixen said...

What is it with people and FB pregnancy annoucements?!?
Not the time and place to do it! The worst are the people who constantly update with pregnancy statuses and scan pics.
IF I ever manage to get preggers, I will not be doing any of that. I also promise to never moan about pregnancy symptoms.