Wednesday, 14 September 2011

FET 1: Scan 1

Went in for the first appointment for the FET. Had a quick scan. Lining at 0.5cm; no follicle to show oncoming ovulation yet. Back on Monday.

Talked to Dr K about the number of embryos. He said that because they don't know how well the embryos will survive, he recommends thawing all of them. I don't mind really, despite wanting to try just one embryo at a time. He said the maximum we could transfer would be three, which as I only have three makes no difference to me.

That's all for now. No drugs as yet.


Michele said...

I guess I don't really understand what they expect about ovuletion during FET. Do they want it to happen?

Kat said...

@Michelle - yes, as in this case they want to time the transfer as close as possible to the natural cycle of the body. That way it will mimic a 'natural' conception as closely as possible. I suspect there will be some extra progesterone though.

Kat said...

@Michelle - Not all FET cycles are done this way, some people take more drugs etc to time things. It depends on your clinic.