Thursday, 22 September 2011

September ICLW

Welcome to everyone from ICLW.

I am doing my frozen transfer tomorrow so I am trying to distract myself from all things fertility related. I am reassuring myself that I have been given aspirin to increase blood flow, progesterone gel to support a pregnancy, and progynova to hopefully correct a luteal phase problem I have had in previous cycles (when triggered, which I'm not being this time).

Update tomorrow after transfer (fingers crossed)


JustHeather said...
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JustHeather said...

Fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow's transfer! Sounds like you're getting awesome care!

I'm going to go bake some egg tarts (and then post the pictures and recipe) very soon, I just need to get off the computer first. That'll give you something non-fertility to think about..although, it is an EGG tart. LOL

My New Normal said...

Visiting from ICLW. Best of luck with your FET. I've got mine scheduled for October.

Fingers crossed for you!

Mrs. R said...

good luck with your FET tomorrow!! i'll be thinking of you!