Monday, 24 October 2011


Lately, I have been in a reasonable mood most of the time (not counting my Saturday morning insomnia.) I am generally cheerful, I'm engaged with my work and doing some craft projects to pass the time as well. I just got a sewing machine last week and I've been downloading patterns to make some simple clothes. I'm also knitting a lot and trying to cook more.

Things are good generally, until something annoying happens. Then... *SNAP* I'm irritable and stroppy and really annoying to be around. It happened last week at work relating to our pension contributions, and it happened today about a timetable change I hadn't been consulted about. I snap, start ranting, and then can't seem to calm down.

Today I was really stroppy with my colleague who mentioned that she had known about the possibility of my timetable change. I said that it was so nice that other people were consulted about my timetable when I hadn't been... The colleague in question is in charge of the project/class I would be working on - of course she was consulted. But I was really stroppy and childish about it.

The problem is that once I calm down I know I am overreacting, but I can't seem to stop it happening. It's really frustrating because I know it's unprofessional and it makes me look unstable.

My problem was also with another colleague who is, not to put too fine a point on it, a b*tch at the moment. She really stressed me out yesterday, and then was really cattishly pleased today that I had been put on this high work load project. I know why she was pleased about it (because she has had to take over a different high work load class from me, as I was sick of it and had done a full term) but it was so catty and childish.

I'm still angry now. I'm really snappy with my husband because I keep thinking he's reading this post over my shoulder as I write it. I was snappy because he didn't take the recycling down at exactly the time he said he would, as if it makes any difference.

I am so sick of myself right now.


knitting vixen said...

Also, regarding your knitting and sewing. You may have guessed I am a bit of a knitter myself. I love it and find it so relaxing. If you ever get on Ravelry (knitter's forum with 100s of patterns) let me know, I can friend you.

I am also a novice sewer. I have made a cafe curtain for the kitchen and it looks rather good if I say so myself. I also made the bunting for my wedding. I am going on a professional sewing course at St Martins which will hopefully help my rather poor dressmaking skills.

I don't know where I would be without my hobbies. Crying in a ditch or drunk ouit of my mind permanently I would wager.

Michele said...

I'm glad you're finding things to occupy your time. I always get started on projects only to set them aside half done. I should really pick some of them back up.

I know what you mean about being snappy at work. I have a student that I supervise (he is finishing grad school and doing an internship with us) and he always comes up behind me and says "Hey Michele, quick question..." and all I can think is it's never just a quick need me to do something for you, don't you?

JustHeather said...

Don't be angry at me, but I had to grin as I read this. I know exactly how it is to be snappy and know I'm being that way, but just can't stop myself when I've started. And the second my husband suggests it, I'm all the more angry with and at him. Poor guys!

Stick with your crafts, they hopefully can't talk back.

Sara said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about the snappiness. I've been there and it's so hard.