Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Time to update, bullet style:
  • It's November, which means National Novel Writing Month. This is my 5th year, and hopefully my 4th success (I epically failed last year). Currently on target (on day 2 - big whoop). Best aid to writing ever btw - white noise generator. Apparently Jonathan Franzen uses one. My writerly friend turned me onto it. It's awesome, plus also seems to calm the cat down a bit.
  • Knitting and stuff continues at a rate of knots (no pun intended). I have two projects 'on needles' at the moment, which I want to finish before starting a new one.
  • I've started Korean language classes, after four years of living in the country - yes, it is embarrassing but I'm trying to put it right at least.
  • The countdown to Christmas begins (at work at least) as I start to plan the Christmas parties for our centre
  • No decisions made as yet about treatments.


knitting vixen said...

Oooh, what's a white noise generator? I think it sounds distracting.

knitting vixen said...

....and you should take photos of your projects in progress and put them on Ravelry. I say this, but I haven't uploaded any photos of projects for nearly a year. Naughty Vixen.

JustHeather said...

Good to hear from you. Don't worry about coming and going, it's life. :)

You're much farther than me on knitting. I've been meaning to start stuff, but as with most things in my life right now, I just haven't done it. I want to make some mittens, maybe a bolero and a round-scarf (as if I need more scarves!)

Good luck on the language learning. I was so glad when I finally started learning and listening more in Finnish. It makes life more enjoyable, imo.

Take care!

Sara said...

I took a Korean class a few months after I arrived, and it was the worst fail of my life. The teacher was mean and actually made me cry in class, and I was by FAR the worst student. I ended up not even showing up for the final exam. I realized after the fact that there were a whole slew of factors working against me: I was the only student in the class who wasn't either a) Japanese or b) married to a Korean. Actually, most of the Japanese-speakers were ethnic Koreans, so presumably their grandparents spoke Korean around them. Also, I had a full-time job whereas all of the other students were only taking the class. So, they had time to study for several hours/day outside of class, whereas I did not. Regardless, it was mortifying. I hope you have a better experience (and choose a better teacher!)

The sad thing is that I had always thought I was good at languages. I speak two well, and two more passably, but Korean kicked my butt.

Kat said...

@Heather - just pick up the needles and do it. I find it very relaxing and after a while you can do it when you watch TV!

@Sara I have a 1-1 teacher at the moment, which means that luckily things go at my own pace. I think I would struggle in a class like that as well. Korean is so alien from European languages that it can be difficult to 'pick up.' Your experience sounds terrible.

marilyn said...

Sounds good! Korean...can I tell you I found the best korean restaurant. I love Korean food!

Thinking of you:)

Kat said...

Korean food is great, though you get a bit tired of kimchi if you have it every day... don't tell my students I said that!