Sunday, 27 November 2011

November Ends

November has chugged along. I have been in turns up and down. I have been fine with my infertility; I have been upset by pregnancy announcements and birth announcements which have been coming thick and fast through the month. I have been disturbed and irritated by the media. Especially this article yesterday that brought me close to tears at the thought of someone having one of those dolls and pretending it was real, and then knowing it wasn't in turns, and the pain it would cause. We're trying really hard not to treat the cat like a baby.

I have been sewing and knitting and things at work have been capital-C-crazy. I can't explain what has been going on, as we have been told not to discuss it openly until the situation is fully resolved in March next year. Let's just say it's inconvenient, irritating and no-one is looking forward to the next few months. And we're not being compensated for the situation either.

Christmas rushes on, bringing the dread of seeing family for the first time in nearly two years and having to field the 'when are you going to have kids' questions. I think my answer will be 'you tell me' as I'm pretty sure the universe has some bizarre plans for my husband and I where it comes to offspring.



Michele said...

I like that answer, "you tell me" I think it will bring some interesting responses.

Sucks that work is crazy, especially with the holidays coming up.

I' lov to see some of your knitting.

Sushigirl said...

Those doll things are really, really creepy. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl!

Anonymous said...

Read the article and it's just sad in a worrying way. Don't really like that they make a profit off of it.
Sorry about work being tough now. Hope your trip home for Christmas will do more good than just being dreadful.

JustHeather said...

I agree that those dolls are just creepy, with a big-C. There's nothing wrong with babying your cat, so long as you don't go to far. *grin*
Sorry work is so busy and there isn't any compensation. I hope they at least appreciate you and show it!
I'm also sorry about family and the dreaded questions. My family basically knows what is going on, or at least that we are trying to get pregnant and using ART as a means. I'm getting more and more to the point that I just answer bluntly and not always so nicely, or at least depending on the person and how they say things.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Xmas break! My mum just got remarried, so stupidly attended in a flowy dress, and the questions hit me hard and fast. My 3rd Xmas without the bub we so wanted.

Still reading and following you. I'm not leaving your blog till you are with child my friend..! I'm still blogging now, so come visit my blog, got news unrelated to babies...yay!
Tee @

Anonymous said...

Got an award for you to pick up if you feel up for it!

knitting vixen said...

I read that article the other day. It made me so sad. For a woman to be so utterly depressed that she wants one- my heart goes out to her.

I used to see adverts for the cheaper ones in tacky magazines (my guilty pleasure) such as Take a Break and would laugh and say how pathetic those things are. Now I am afraid, afraid that I will one day want one.

I went to visit a friend of the husband who has a 2 month old the other day. I have managed to avoid seeing her for the whole time she was pregnant due to wedding planning and general busyness (how does one spell that without it sounding like business?). It went OK, I am fine around babies, especially if they are not newborn. I was ok until my husband had gone to the toilet and she looked down at her baby and said, "So any plans." I didn't say what I wanted to, "yes, I have many plans, unfortunately they never bloody work out because I am barren." Instead I looked sheepish and said, "maybe one day." Her husband said, "well, she is still young." GRRRRRRRRRR.