Saturday, 12 November 2011


It's Saturday morning, and I slept late (until ten). I don't really like to do this because on a Sunday I have to get up at seven for work, so I don't like to oversleep the day before. I also hate wasting my day off. I already 'wasted' yesterday with a mild hangover. In fact it was wasted by knitting part of a jumper, then realising that I wasn't going to have enough wool to finish it. I then unravelled it and started a different pattern.

I actually don't really have much to do today. I have plans this afternoon for a few hours. Otherwise my day is free. It's a nice day, still sunny despite it being November, and I wasn't attacked by marauding mosquitos in the night (despite it being November, they are crazy this year).

AF spotting started on Thursday, so I guess CD1 is right around the corner, as in later today. That will make my cycle a full 35-6 days this time. 

Off the back of this I've made the decision to definitely wait until January to start again. I don't want any more drugs right now. I want to give my body a break. All I took for the FET was some HRT drugs and progesterone, but still. The thought of the combination that would be going into my body for another fresh  cycle makes me feel tired already.

I have made the decision to probably not do overtime in January (which is a lucrative option) which I suspect is because I subconsciously want to get back on the horse again with treatments.


Bernadette & Duane said...

I know these are all "big" decisions, but I am hoping that your plan has given you some peace. Sometimes it's just nice to know what direction we are headed in the crazy maze of infertility. All the best to you!

Tippy said...

Hoping this break can give you a little peace and some much deserved you times. It's always good to have that next step in sight :)

JustHeather said...

I hope this day of "not much to do" has been a good one! Ours has mostly been the same too. I'm loving it.

I am glad you've decided to go with what works for you and take some time off from IF treatments. As hard as it is to not be doing anything, I totally understand the need to take a breather. After this round and any potential FETs that might come with it, I have no idea if/when we'd continue on. But, I'm trying not to think of that now.

Good luck at work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are holding up alright. Having a plan and knowing when to start again must feel good. Hope you can enjoy the break it gives.

knitting vixen said...

I don't blame you. Enjoy the festive season, have a break and go back to it when you are ready.

Anonymous said...

Wise decision to break.. That's what I have been doing, and starting up clinics again in the new year. We can both start fresh, obviously the year of the rabbit hasn't helped our cause! Soldier on!